nicholas hoult for esquire korea feb 2011

5 things
1. the cover is a disaster,those pants don't fit and they've chosen to mirror esquire US with the chaotic headlines i truly cannot give a fuck about,bowtie & hankie are noble,misplaced efforts
2. this has a very dated feel to it,the clothes and styling are attempting to replicate from old lookbooks of UK-based brands,its all very generic and the coats look cheap
3. the direction for this shoot must've gone haywire,why is his face always bothered or blocked and they've edited his skin and face so much he almost looks like a different person from pic to pic
4. why did it take so long to put him on a cover? he's clearly v gorgeous,an exceptional actor and given the right clothes & direction (enough tom ford,never go there again),i'm sure he'd be great
5. the boy has hairy legs, secret's out

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