christian ochsenfahrt for topman spring 2011 campaign

so the last time i went to london,it was went the musical cancer that is MIKA was gaining popularity and their entire collection centered on neon-colored skinny jeans and clothers catered to a non-existent population of dirty,unpretty young things,of course i was agitated because i couldn't buy or fit any item,and i'll be dropping by again soon and this is what i'll be seeing in stores there? cheap fabric,dated army references,unnecessary beanies (i have nothing against headgear,i'm just not a hat person myself) and an overall murky palette?those ill-fitting denim jeans must have dropped out of a grandmother's closet.like most brands,its a hit and miss,but i'm hoping this doesn't represent the entire offering,their clothes are in no way cheap,but most of the time very wearable and look nice,so they shouldn't be making rubbish like this anymore.all that said,i would buy those boots,pants (my slimmed down thighs need to be be paraded),and that military jacket,paired with darker,grittier items,would look fucking amazing.

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