chloe fall 2011

i am bled white as white,i have no attachments

I have a certain admiration for these tall,very slender women with naturally alive hair,very morose faces and charmless,dark personalities,or at least they look that way,people often wear just black and solely black for a reason be it laziness or their hefty shape,but there are some who genuinely pull off the color black with a certain,very effortless suaveness,i know a girl who is built in every way to look like a slightly above-average,good-looking girl but only wears black,but she often tests with weird fabrics,lace and patterns,and she is one of the most stylish,best-looking person i know despite only ever wearing black.these dresses don't best identify the collection,which was a mixed bag,but they are so adorably european,so nonchalant and broodingly chic (my type of woman)

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