the odd couple: nicki minaj & arizona muse

nicki minaj for blackbook march 2011
arizona muse for blackbook march 2011

I personally love every little thing nicki minaj has done,even though her music is mediocre at best,this is how gaga first,very slowly,established herself,her first album 'the fame' had little to it,was cheesily written and was served lame reviews upon its debut,then gaga began to up her stage persona,took her theatrics out onto the street and her name,ridiculousness began to outshadow her work,but today we know her as a talented,innovative artist.nicki's givenchy leapord-print onesie still is one of the most amazing things i've seen this year,here she looks like a drag queen on purpose,i think,as outrageous and adorable as she always is.the right is my current desktop wallpaper,its just so wet and sleazy in that very subdued,kristen stewart way,i love every aspect of it

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