adele for OUT magazine

I know Rolling Stone,that miraculously still not defunct magazine absolutely noone reads,first had the idea of giving her WILD SEX hair,though it really takes a gay mag to amplify it to outrageous diva levels and give it that extra push.She's always been consistent with her public appearances,hair in a black bun and dressed all in black,presumably its meant to be more flattering to her voluptuous shape,and she's truly and plainly gorgeous to be honest,but now she's no longer that indoubtably talented singer-songwriter type who happens to have a TOP 40 album,she's fucking ADELE,not just anyone.Anyone who's seen her interviews or seen her live knows she is as modest and goofy as a girl can be,truly adorable,but this new ego they've given her in this photoshoot,really seals her reputation as someone to be reckoned with,a rising star with no signs of fading anytime soon.

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