oskar tranum for PEN magazine

they say stylists now have a stronger foothold in the world of style and editorials,having past decades where their work was mostly taken for granted.but i think that's just something people say,noone bothers to see who styled what,probably because so many of what I see in magazines and billboards and advertorials today are deeply humdrum.take for example the current trend of vibrant,loud colors,it first emerged early last year or a few seasons back and a few magazines picked up on it,this month especially you see so many of both mens and womens magazines overdoing it on this trend,what I'm saying is that so many magazines,even those who claim to be the ones to push the envelope and take the industry's most adventurous attitude,are mostly just LAME.this i suspect,boils down to the human ingredients you fill into the talent pot,and the choice of stylist will always show.here from PEN magazine,styled by Takafumi Kawasaki,a name I've never heard before-these two pics especially are so en pointe,the sunglasses of course are a bit of a brazen touch but its giorgio armani and those sunglasses are v identifiable to the brand,the polkadot jacket+harlem pants+leather sandals and the overall laid-back,modern but very astute take on current fashion is a refreshing breeze from all the other magazines who've decided to just follow suit and simply capitalize on the market's most trendiest and most VISIBLE products and behaviors.i simply LOVE THIS.

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