Review: Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine trails a couple from their beginnings, to the eventual demise of their relationship many years later. It earned its lead actress, Michelle Williams a second Oscar nomination, when the awards season began its cycle she took her place as an underdog, and though noone thought she’d actually win, both she and the film often made news.

First it was the sex scenes which were deemed too explicit, an NC-17 rating would threaten its cinema run, it was already a film people felt they needed to avoid, it looked grim and depressing. The final result is a product that throws in near every thinkable predicament any couple could have, there’s an unplanned pregnancy, alcoholism, deception and the film in its random chronology overlaps all of this with the couple’s sweeter experiences, their first meet and sick, cutish things like that.

It was all too random, none of the emotional moments had proper build-up, I didn’t care if the couple survived or not,and in the end it felt like a film that was too self-satisfied with its own perceived artsiness and sensitivity. 

There's a line from the film I really like,I couldn't find it anywhere online so I'll write what I remember.

Dean: There's something about her, I don't know...it's like when a song comes on,and you just have to dance.

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