three young IT girls on their own cover of LOVE magazine

lets get it out of the way: hailee and chloe look great on their covers.hailee has had her miu miu ads and was genuinely terrific in true grit,she has a sweet face that is in its very odd way,sexy beyond her years.and chloe,who i'm mostly impartial to (like most celebrities who appeared on 30 ROCK her character was horrible and uninteresting),but girl has a natural intensity that makes for some good actressin.


this is how cults begin.this is what beauty looks like.this is what all magazine covers should aspire to become.absolutely ethereal and witch-like,the styling and lighting,though similar to the other two covers,create a different look/mood on elle's cover-I've seen every movie she's made,and she alternates from amazing to mediocre but for someone that young to have already realised so much of her potential is rare,and she is absolutely stunning.I love how the LOVE typeface is so complex and weedy,but the rest of the cover is simple and to-the point. Elle's cover is definitely in the running for being the year's best.

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