Bag's the It Word

Today i spent a freaking $300ausd (holy bananas!) in Guess for Mum's upcoming birthday-at first dilemma struck (i could buy heaps of other things with that money!) but then the ghost of friggin' Mother Theresa descended from Heaven and started rambling noisily about the excruciating pain of childbirth and the endless amount of torture my mother has had to put up with since having me-and considering the fact that having me as a son can be a real onerous pain,a small 300$ gift is far from being the reward my mother truly deserves.

At the end of the day,no amount of money can come close to the joy of having these two people in my life-i wonder,what's in there?

She's a little camera-shy...

(drumroll..) Ta-da! This bag oughta cheer my mum up a little-with having to juggle an increasingly demanding career,an almost dysfunctional family and other sorts of heavy personal matters she hasn't had the time to consider buying a new bag for herself.

This is me loosing my marbles after realising the final remainder of the months' allowance had vanished into thin air! But after a much-needed serving of Chili Padi's delicious seafood laksa i had time to re-evaluate life and along came Mother Theresa storming towards me again-but this time she swiftly flew past me with a wicked smile, past the many shop outlets and at the same time collecting the hefty commissions they all owed her.

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