You,Me & Everyone Else

An enstranged housewife argues loudly on the phone with her diplomat-husband,and in a fit of rage she slips and falls down a flight of stairs-seconds before the scornful conversation with her husband had ended,and now she lays helplessly at the bottom of the stairwell,twisted in a difficult position as if suddenly possessed by the mad spirit of a yogamaster.She calls her closest friend whom she's known for more than 10 years,unfortunately she is preoccupied in a massage and other people whom she calls for help predictably give excuses-in the end,it is her daytime maid whom she scolds and shouts at everyday who comes to her rescue:and in a perfect standstill moment,she hugs the maid tightly and utters "Want to hear something funny?You're the only friend i have ever had",and both of them continue to embrace in silence with their eyes slowly filling with tears.

I'm sure all those in the english-speaking world have either watched/heard of the movie Crash,which won this years' Best Film Award at the Oscars,triumphing over legendary directors-spielberg,lee,clooney to mention a few.Scratch the surface of the strory and you'll find that the movie deals with serious racism issues-but delve deeper and you'll see that there are other enthralling stories too,about loneliness,sacrifice and uncertainty to name a few.I shamelessly admit i cried so much,the amount of tears were probably enough to save an entire Africa from draught-its because i understand how painful it feels to be lonely and have noone by your side when company is needed the most,i can relate to the characters who become angry,mean and hurt others out of their own inability to face their hidden suffering and agitation.

It is only when we face actual adversity that the friends we thought we always had seem to cease to a small few,where were the ones gave their word that they'd be there?Friends Forever?When it came for enjoyment and laughter so many of them were there,but when calamity struck so few were left i began to question if the other things i believed to be true were lies too.But that's just how life goes,you have to invest in the unknown-put your faith in uncertainty and cross your fingers.Does God exist?-Is my wife loyal to me?-Can i trust this man?The questions keep coming as we age,irregardless if any of the ones before have been answered-and our role as humans is not to scrutinize every risk, step, and enigma but to simply believe-just as i believe in the small number of friends i have,that they will continue to be there in times of anguish and beguilement,until the very day i die.


Angelita Atractivo said...

Crash -- the ultimate most entwined movie thus far~


insaneal said...

ah yes-we compicated humans simply lurvve twisted things and even when they don't make sense we use our crap-ing skills to make it look like an absolute piece of art..but crash was excellent though:)