The Penis Monologues

Have you watched 'The Vagina Monologues' (i once rented it from the City Library)?-the original performance,documented by HBO and published as an exclusive dvd,solely focuses on a woman's rantings about various subjects related to the vagina and the female experience in sex.Eve Ensler traveled across the US and interviewed women about their opinions and thoughts about the clitoris,pubic hair,moans and adolescence and begin the process of disattaching ourselves from our parents,we begin to take the independant journey of discovering who we really are and in the process face crisis/conflict in trying to gain social acceptance vs. being ourselves.Everyone reaches a point where we possess several identities at once-the true me,the 'cool' me,the 'quiet and oppressed' me and the 'chameleon' me who is able to adapt and change to any social setting but after a while this state of confusion is resolved by the gradual reshaping of self-definition that unifies various selves into a consistent and comfortable sense of who i am-an identity.And according to my psychology notes (can't believe i'm actually using them as guidelines to life),i am only able to manage a solid,working emotional attachment/relationship with someone else once i have completely understood and accepted my true identity-until i learn to accept,appreciate and love myself,it is possible that i will continue to be faced with failing relationships.

So that's the problem (sigh).

I wish sex was the answer to everything-then i could intercourse,oral or orgy my way through life and i would be able to avoid all these petty troubles simply by being a sex-craving maniac/whore.But God gave me other organs and abilities other than a penis,so for now i'll use my brains (or what's left of it) and psychology notes to try and solve my personal demons as well as the world's gargantual troubles,for being a prostitute simply means exposing myself to std's and sexually-deprived perverts so for now i'll leave that as 'plan Z' as an emergency route in case all else fails.


annakin said...

refreshingly honest, good post.
on sth completely unrelated: oh noes, ive lost a fellow xangarian =/ wilt thou still visit moi?
p/s: exams over!

annakin said...

argh, annoying net, delete my repeated ones -_-"

insaneal said...

haha li-ann you sound so repititive!of course i will still visit ur xanga website!ur exams are over?for me,the storm is just about to start and i haven't exactly menyediakan payung sebelum hujan y'know...