A Change Would Do You Good

As people of the world celebrate the Queen's birthday tomorrow and the bewitching allure of Scarlett Johansen's breasts,i voice three cheers for England's win and the arrival of another cinematic bloodfest for all twisted-horror fans to feast on.

My old website,http://www.xanga.com/insaneal will rott miserably in blogdumpuniverse-i decided to change because not only does blogger provide heaps of incomparable benefits,they don't annoyingly send daily emails persuading me to 'change to premium' (categorizing it as spam doesn't work) and both the fabulous Afdlin Shauki and Yasmin Ahmad are users.So yes ladies and gentlemen,let's all sing joyfully to Sheryl Crow's 1997 single-A Change (to blogger) WOULD do you good.

The Fifa and Soceroos website provide schedules,team info,latest results and are bookmark worthy-keep your nescafe 3-in-1 sachets ready for the upcoming Aus-vs-Jap & France-vs-Switz matches,i'm learning from experience and booking the television an hour early (yesterday some dumb-ass people hogged it and watched some bloody dumb-ass dvd and as a result i had to watch the first goal on replay).Remy keeps reminding me to wish a certain someone-whom-i-vowed-never-to-love/like/contact-ever-again "happy birthday" despite my warnings of skinning him alive with a breadknife if he continues to,so anyone out there up for an assasination job for $5 dollars please email me before i end up homicidal:and anyone about to lecture me about how ex's should become friends,do rethink before i sew your mouth shut.

While people of the world blabber on about how Paris' new music video looks like soft-core porn (a preview for one night in paris 2 perhaps?),vengeance becomes increasingly rampant and money once again becomes a barrier-I wonder if all these unfortunate events are simply God's reminders to pray and be good,or punishments for humankind's collective sins and the damage we've caused towards earth,animals and worst-the scars we've inflicted on our very own people.

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Angelita Atractivo said...

2 things:


b) couldn't agree more on "a change would do you good", man!


take care of that nasty li'l bro of mine, will ya?
and u be safe, too!