Showdown at The House of Blue Leaves

"While the American cut of the movie shows the violent battle at the House
of Blue Leaves in black and white, the Japanese cut shows it in color. The "Color Cut" of this
film segment is highly sought after by fans, but has not been officially distributed outside Japan. Parts of the color version are available in the original trailer for the film, back when it was going to be a single movie, along with the deleted scene featuring Michael Jai White "Wikipedia

The background music in this one is bloody awful (thankfully it isn't the real music from the film),nonetheless this particular scene remains one of most talked about from Quentin Tarantino's timeless Kill Bill Vol.1,tried to get the Elle-vs.-Beatrix scene from the second movie,but couldn't find it anywhere.This one i got from youtube contains a whole lot more footage than the original scene (even the original dvd i have only shows 50% of what is seen here)-and you ask why i think Quentin Tarantino is a God?I'll show you why.Enjoy.

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