Ageing Grandma

Phew,its been a hectic week with new things popping up left,right and centre.Forget the gazillion essays due soon and the mounting workload,lets take a breather and relax.

Remy turned 18,me & jan surprised him with an exclusive x-rated b'day party,which were limited to the three of us thanks to all the dirty stuff and other unmentionable things involved-so the only pic i can post here,is the one of remy's strawberry cheesecake complete with choc penises and after eating a shitload of cake,we retired to talking till' 2am.Remy,you've no idea the mountains we climbed to do all of this-so the least you is stick-out the middle finger to the world and shout BABOOSH !

That's me,remy & schien @ St. Kilda beach a week ago,reminding ourselves the comforting existence of the ocean,sand and wind.Now,some random news from the amazing world we occupy.

-A first look into Topher Grace (That 70's Show) as Venom,the key villian in the upcoming Spiderman 3 flick.

-The trailer for Running With Scissors looks promising-Evan Rachel Wood,when not starring as a hateful,rebellious teen (e.g:in Thirteen,Pretty Persuasion),is irresistable.

-After season 1,The OC just started becoming rubbish real fast,and after watching the Season 3 finale i can finally sit back knowing Marissa's finally dead-one down,three to go.Nonetheless,few things that almost saved OC-the music,and Seth's drawings from Season 2 (+ more from Eric Wright)

-Lance Bass comes out of the closet,and this mix-up cover by PerezHilton is just too funny to pass off.

-Sure many of you prefer mainstream movies and H'wood blockbusters,but it would be a pity to miss seeing those small,powerful films that manage to make the cut-Focus Features brought us amazing films (e.g: Lost in Translation,Monsoon Wedding),so it wouldn't hurt to give Brick a chance.

-Coming Soon-The Mutant Ninja Turtles & The Transformers in film.

-Finally,for those currently residing in AUS-why not sponsor a child?For a mere $39 dollars a month,one child can attend school and be happy.Visit www.worldvision.com.au

It's been a tiring,bloodsucking week for most of us and it only gets worse here onwards,but the weekend's approaching-so hit the beach,take a long walk,do yoga,buy something expensive,whatever,just make yourself feel happy and leave reality behind for the weekend.


Bryanboy said...

Hello there,

I was doing a random check on all the sites that have links to my site and I found your blog. Thank you SO much for putting a link to my website. =)

I hope you don't mind if I ask a favor. The correct link to my site is http://www.bryanboy.com instead of http://bryanboy.typepad.com. When you can, kindly update your site with the correct link instead of the old link because I'll be switching service providers soon.

Once again, thank YOU so much for linking to my website. Keep the faggotry alive!

Big hugs and kisses from the fabulous third world,

P.S. I think you're gorgeous. Don't forget to email me a bloody "I LOVE BRYANBOY" photo when you can! :)

insaneal said...

OMG BRYANBOY CAME HERE..im completely speechless!and to the rest of the world,al much as i love reading bryanboy,i dont do boys but i have nothing against those hu do either-so do visit BRYANBOY and have a wonderful life everyone!!!

Remus! said...

ivan! I'm so jealous!!

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