Miserable Foetus

I have absolutely no idea who these women are,but that blonde one completely loses her cool while discussing the topic of Plan B, "an emergency contraceptive that can still prevent a pregnancy after contraceptive failure or unprotected sex and should be taken within 3 days,it can possibly reduce the risk of pregnancy by 89%"....all of us have our opinions of this controversial matter,with the the gov contemplating selling them openly behind pharmacy counters more stand to protest-and no need for me to rant about this issue,this short clip should provide you enough insight.

Today's math lecture was a sleezefest,and as you can see i resorted to drawing sketches on my notepad to prevent death from boredom.In one of my classes,there's this girl who comes forward as flawless-she has an impeccable accent,scores sky-high marks for every subject,and is envied,if not admired by many but upon closer inspection of the written notes in her file i've discovered she has the ugliest writing ever...which provided me almost one full minute of cruel satisfaction,and also goes to prove the universally-sound theory that noone's perfect.And Pochong,the math lecturer,was wearing some sort of red-blue christmas sweater which reminded me of Spiderman,and i've come to develop suspicions that the woman may be decieving us all by working as a teacher by day but is in fact Spiderman come nightime.

I stumbled upon this peculiar blog which background music was so utterly depressing i made it a point to always mute the sound while blog-surfing,which makes me wonder-which songs are the ones so depressing you'd feel like killing yourself there and then?All of us have our severely -down days,when the only understanding companion left to turn to is the music-so i've made a small list of songs i usually listen too during these troubling times,hopefully y'all will download them,store them in a playlist titled 'Down' and use it when necessary.For the few hours spent staying up after a break-up,death/loss,failure or something similarly unraveling.

John Lennon-Imagine

Bryan Adams-Heaven

Coldplay-See You Soon

Death Cab for Cutie-I will follow you into the dark

Stevie Nicks-Thunder only happens when it rains

John Mayer-Neon


Johnny Cash-Hurt

Elton John-This train don't stop here anymore

As you can see,music-wise,i'm born in the wrong decade.Yes,i should probably put some encouraging motivational songs which lyrics go along the lines of 'I can survive anything' or 'I am strong and will keep walking on',but one who's been to the dark side know those kinda songs are complete rubbish and only manage to put more salt to the wound.Nah,i'm not feeling down,but like anyone else,i've been there plenty of times.

Links to news from the world:

-Badawi warns bloggers to keep their words true.

-50 greatest moments of Movie Sex,they forgot the Cruise/Kidman scene in Eyes Wide Shut and,anyone who thought Closer was even remotely sexy must've not reached puberty yet. Premier names the 50 funnniest movies of all time,i've no clue how Zoolander got in there.

-Heath Ledger as the Joker in the next Batman installment doesn't sound great,Christina Aguilera's GQ spread reminds us she's considerably hot and The Pussycat Dolls launch a new reality show to find a new group member.I'm still convinced the red one's a tranny.

Haish,i'm exhausted as hell,but Friday's coming and before you know it-its the weekend again!

Work?What work?


Rhapsody said...

hey zaq we're still recording our ep, so keep checking our blog for updates, you'll know when its out... hopefully early next year.. :)
thanks for likign our shit :)

insaneal said...

OMG ITS RHAPSODY DUO-go to their myspace(myspace.com/rhapsodyduo at take a listen to breakfast at 6pm and so scared-raw,eerie and pretty cool music:)