Pics Galore

Saturday's been amazing,but my energy level's too low for me to go on writing-so here's some pictures for show and tell,some ol' & some new,all with their own stories to tell.

My bedroom wall back at home,and there's my precious Kill Bill Vol. 1 movie poster i bought from Movie World couple of years back-and somewhere in there is the Nokia 8800 mag ad,the phone's probably trash,but i remember those slick ads and the ones they showed at the cinema right before movies,it went something along the lines of:Rarely does man achieve perfection (complete darkness),but sometimes,(phone appears from dark velvet background,all shiny and bright),it happens.

Few weeks ago,three of us went to St Kilda beach,walked around and had hot choc-here's the view from my side of the window-of an eccentric,if not peculiar,duo whom i reckon live colourful lives.

Jan and I in an adult shop back when we were searching for a friend's bday present,i stumbled upon this-inflatable cow to do you-know-what.There are some very,very,very disgusting people out there.

Current state of my study table-turning my attention from this essay to that assigment,while Fiona Apple blares from the speakers,my fingers run across the scattered papers writing lines here and there,to typing on the keyboard,to switching songs on the Ipod every 10minutes or so-complete chaos.
This is entirely fictional,not true.Stephanie itself may not be real.Just wrote it down,took a pic of it for fun to annoy Siew Chien.

Lastly,chichi posing for the camera.Chichi is the grumpiest,most unfriendliest cat i've ever encountered-she never smiles,but once in a while she follows me around and doesn't mind posing for pics.She's aneroxic now and refuses to eat anything except catfood,which means the other two cats get two share chicken wings together.Someone please get her to eat.

i'll end on an off-track note this time-i ask everyone to listen to Fleetwood Mac's Gypsy and Dreams,these songs perfectly capture the idea of how gloomy my world seems now-adios!

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annakin said...

zaq, hows things? having fun? new uni sem has started and i knoe its no plain sailing no more =P ynoe, i rmmbr tht comment u made before abt how u'd hoard all ur story ideas for a future creative expansion even if u hafta do a commerce course. i SO feel the same.words are my living, not numbers... societal pressures huh. well zaq, after our studies we shd collaborate on some film k? the product of overseas msians mwahaha =D