I just returned from Bali two days ago,still fatigued i've retired to watching the early seasons of 24 and maximizing my father's phone bill from the couch-all the while thinking how this unfulfilling behaviour will result in serious homesick for the next six months in Melbourne.

I've been resting myself from reading good books fo the past two months,all for the sake of focusing on school stuff,so i guess i deserve a reward of some kind-went to Borders to stock up my reading material for the next six months in Melbourne.Those still unaccustomed to Garcia Marquez & Ishigiro,and would like to try,i recommend reading the former's Of Love and Other Demons,and Ishigiro's Never Let Me Go.

This so-called book of "Love Answers" was found at the 'gift books' section (along with 'Mothers','Chocolate Therapy' and 'Baby Bliss')-inside this very misleading book is written short quotes on love on every page and instead of the usual lovey-dovey poetic shit i expected,there are quotes like-"The more the merrier","Keep the goods tight" and "Spread out at night".For those still clueless,(if i'm not mistaken) those are indirect references to orgies and genitalia' maintenance.I bet there have been children who've stumbled across this book,and wondered.

Child: Dad,what does 'keep the goods tight' have to do with love? Dad:Err....err.....I think thats enough of watching Desperate Housewives for you.

Haish,and people ask why children are so oversexed nowadays.Anyways,sometimes its just way too tiring to type,think or talk-so i've set up another blog where pictures do the talking.


It's pretty much amateurish stuff taken with a simple Sony T-5,so if you want real photography look here,here,here or here.

Let the eyes converse.


annakin said...

hey, type out the titles of some of the smaller print on those book spines pls =P pretty interesting choice which i shall check out myself. dude, i like buying books, but in such abundance, ever thought of the local library? then u wudnt hafta lug those all the way back to melb maybe =P

p/s: just documented the comings and goings of li-ann and co. in all their glory =P come visit xanga!

insaneal said...

So here goes
Agatha Christie-& then there were none
Grisham-d rainmaker & d king of torts
Ishigiro-When we were orphans & a pale view of the hills & d remains of d day
Garcia Marquez--love in d time of cholera & in evil hour
zadie smith-on beauty

dono y,but when i feel attached to a particular author i have this sense of having to OWN the books and keep the good ones for years to come,plus the libraries here r full of distractions (mags/games etc)