Chains On My Feet

I was contemplating on which vid to put up here-the final two to decide being either the new promo vid for the 3rd season of Desperate Housewives (yes,i do watch) or the trailer for Elisha Cuthbert's upcoming thriller,The Quiet-but then i came across a clip of John Mayer playing Neon live,might be old stuff but music like this seems timeless to me.Urm,a note for all youtube virgins and people with slow connections,to see the vid uninterrupted press the PLAY button then let it go on for a second or two,then press PAUSE and allow the entire vid to load before you can play the whole thing without any freezes.And make sure you listen to John Mayer's latest single-Waiting On The World to Change,not his best material but definitely worth the listen.

I was surfing through different sites to see the new songs listed on charts or whatever so i could download (thus fully taking advantage of unlimited download privellege)-Evanescence' new single Call Me When You're Sober sounds like rubbish,so again i decided to go down the alternative bands road and search for new music i could possibly enjoy-OK Go,they've been there quite a while and lotsa people know them...for those who don't listen to A Good Idea At The Time and A Million Ways if you're in the mood for some jumpy music to dance naked to,then i found The Fray (pictured above)-deep lyrics,nice use of different instruments,average vocals but do try listen to How to Save A Life & All At Once,while waiting for the Arctic Monkeys,YeahYeahYeahs and Snow Patrol to produce new albums,listening to OK Go and The Fray,as well as the old songs from The Smashing Pumpkins and Pink Floyd will save you from eternal doom.

This promo poster for the third season of Lost was released a week or so ago,it'll start airing in the US early October,but considering how pathetic,slow and fucking retarded Australian TV is,it'll probably reach here in 10 years (if we're lucky)....we can see Desmund,the guy who previously looked after the hatch,in the poster-at the end of season two he pressed some button which made the hatch explode-but seeing that he's there in the poster,there's a chance he might still be alive,or they'll just bring him back in the flashbacks.Anyways,as long as we're on the topic of entertainment,watched The Shining with some friends today,the ancient horror flick starring a very young Jack Nicholson-at first it was between renting Nightmare on Elm's Street or Scream-but then i remembered someone's claim that The Shining was "the most scary film EVER" (how people blatantly misuse the terms Most & Ever nowdays),and when i inquired the shopkeeper if they had the dvd to rent he pointed towards the Best 100 Films rack,which lead me to believe the Stanley Kubrick flick was one helluva film-but let me tell you,i was MASSIVELY dissapointed,but i guess if you have the patience of a nun,or love for long,silent dialogues and ugly actresses with crooked jaws who play one-dimensional characters,you'd find the film great.Anyways we ended up laughing allthroughout the film,except one intensely horrifying part where Jack's character started reciting lines from Three Little Pigs while yielding a bloody axe,other than that it was a comical experience.

Its been a difficult week-both my personal life and school life (not that the two don't intersect somehow) have been turbulent-but the hols are in three weeks,and after next week when the drama performance is over and all the essays have been concluded at least i can take a proper breather for one day.But i'm sure there are others who have heavier troubles than my petty ones-like today,my father (that self-proclaiming hero) smsed me "I may appear all tough but all for your own good,someday you will appreciate''....if you have no idea what my relationship with my father is like,or what HE'S really like-don't start patronizing me with all that self-righteous bullshit....i had to say that,despite it sounding mean,to avoid people putting judgemental,unreasoned comments here...anyways,lets not get into the family troubles-back to people with bigger problems,i try to care for them and feel better that i'm not a refugee in some war-torn country or a malnutritioned orphan with AIDS somewhere,but i can't feel better just by depending on this feeling of utmost sympathy and appreciation-i just can't.It all feels horrible-despite me knowing how better off i am-its true what they say about pain,it doesn't discriminate,it doesn't leave anyone out,its universal and not fascist or racist.

You can keep your judgemental comments to yourself,or write it down and send it to nearest juvenile centre (might just receive a lollipop for it) where your pathetic attempt at improving society with your so called strong and morally-driven conscience will help you win that Nobel prize you've always dreamed of.I'm emo-very-if you're affected by all this,SORRY,please don't be-its just that i don't need another bastard throwing all those right & wrong concepts in my face right now-i need support,not judgement,i need a listener,not a parent,its not that i don't understand enough-its that i'm too tired of having to anymore.

Why can't we go on without having to define things-without having to keep reminding each other of what not to do and what to do-why can't we just enjoy the ride painlessly without being bugged by some overambitious miss teen math queen who's strict hold on righteousness might just be the fear of taking risks or being adventurous,why can't we walk free from all these shackles?

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lya said...

regards from terengganu...

referring to your emotions in this entry, i could really say that i can connect with it. miserably growing up into adulthood we r.. parents still treat us like we don't know how to think staight, or being judgemental on our every decision.it sucks most of the time, but what you need to do ALL the time is appreciate and emphatise. maybe then we wouldn't feel so lost, not belonging to this realm, or rather, not worthy of an intellectual debacle.
stressed? who doesn't?