If you've ever considered taking your own life-then you are never alone.In America alone,30,000 people kill themselves every year and it is the 9th leading cause of death-and even if you haven't ever contemplated suicide or befriended one who has/is,it may be because you're not paying enough attention-the sorrowful,frowning teenager seems to disappear in crowd of laughing,joyful people.

Over the weekend,i saw Murali K. Thalluri's debut film,2:37-which premiered at Festival De Cannes and received 17 minutes of standing ovation there-and though i hesitate to say this,truth is i cried buckets both times i saw it.Briefly,the film starts of with a suicide scene but the identity of the person involved is not shown-hence we are taken back to the morning of that same day,and introduced 6 characters,each with a compelling & disturbing story (shown through out the film) and our task as viewers,is to try predict which of these 6 characters will end up killing him or herself. The film's rated 18+ for the gory suicide scene in the end and a violent rape scene towards the middle,but the film itself does not rely on these two small scenes to engage or provoke the viewer,but it is the characters themselves and their own stories that become the moving factor in this exceptionally amazing film.

There are six teenagers.

Melody-With her parents divorced and currently living with her constantly absent father,Melody is left alone at home with her brother-whom is later revealed to have sexually abused her.We see her finding out she's pregnant,and worse,not knowing what to do but cry,realising its something that she can't tell anyone about.

Marcus-Melody's brother,the family trophy-his father pushes him to get the best,he throws a tantrum when he finds out he achieve 87 for chemistry-and as a result of all the pressure,he turns to his sister,whom he has been molesting since she was 13,for release.

Sean-Openly homosexual,he's taunted by his schoolmates everyday and doesn't mix with anyone-he uses drugs to try deal with his feelings,and with his family refusing to accept him as person,he's got noone left to depend on.

Luke-The school jock's not only got an enviable physique and accepting girlfriend,but he's got a huge secret,which he tries so hard to keep but it only tears him up,and as a result he can only scream,be angry and frustrated at what he can't seem to handle.

Sarah-Girlfriend to Luke,she's bitchy,bullimic and tries hard to mantain her reputation as the school princess,on the surface she seems another one-dimensional teenage whore with too much ego-but we see that she does all of this only to keep Luke,whereas inside she's hurting as much as anyone else.

I know i said six,but the last character ain't interesting enough so i'll skip him-knowing the fact that none of you will watch this small indie film that won't show at your local cinema,i'll just spoil it for you-turns out neither of the 6 killed themselves,but it was another character introuced much much later,Kelly,whom we see brush against the characters and tries to befriends them but is pushed away like nothing.We see the teenagers deal with identity issues,social & parental pressure,loneliness & emptiness,and realise that any Tom,Dick and Harry could be contemplating suicide at any moment.

Everyone hurts,some more than others-but what's worst is when you've got absolutely noone there to talk to,or seek comfort from-because then.the world just seems so utterly empty and sad,and life just seems not worth going through all the trouble.

Nothing hurts more than being empty and alone.Which is why people hurt themselves with self-mutilation,some people need physical pain to deal with their inner turmoil-and its reall hard to understand why they're hurt,ask someone who is depressed and half the time they wouldn't know why-what's even worse is to have friends or family who can't seem to notice,so if you notice that a friend is feeling down don't hesitate to lend a helping hend-be there and listen,carefully.The world is hard enough with so many jerks and bitches around,with parents who only seem to demand their children achieve the highest point,and suicide really doesn't seem an irrelevant option for those who suffer but can't seem to stop the pain.

The heart is a wild creature

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