Love Conquers All

Love conquers all.

And it hurts to love,we all know that (wanders in nostalgia for a moment,before snapping back to reality).Some live for wealth-collecting mansions and multiple trophy wives in the process,some live for adventure-the keen traveller,moving both physically and emotionally into different worlds fearlessly,some live for love-to just be with someone else,to yearn the feeling of being complete and to them everything else in life seems secondary to the importance of finding,and keeping this feeling (assuming it actually does exist).

Almost everyone knows that timeless Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze Ghost scene,or Richard Gere & Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman-and practically every girl i've met mentions The Notebook or Titanic as a personal favourite.So i'll opt for the road less travelled,introduce the scenes i think which are most romantic,from some films that are rarely mentioned or simply unheard of,and though most of the flicks mentioned here either tanked miserably at the box office or are generally considered uninteresting by most film critics,there are some scenes,or maybe just one,in each of them,which i find unforgettable.


Yes,i know everyone acknowledges this as the film in which Charlize Theron ditches her perfect good looks and wins a friggin' Oscar for it,but somehow amidst admiring her excellent acting skills people overlooked the film itself,and i don't blame them cos' honestly the movie wasn't all that great.But one scene-when the very lonely,sexually disoriented Selby (Christina Ricci) meets Aileen (Charlize Theron) at the skating place-where Selby is at first reluctant to dance cos' she's scared the people at school would tease her for being a lesbian and dancing with an old prostitute,but then Aileen pulls her in and says its okay -and they start dancing,at first nervously,but then carelessly,and kiss.Its not the kiss itself that's romantic,but beyond the fact that its two girls kissing in public and one of them looks superbly ugly,its the fact that both of them are simply two lonely people desperately seeking companionship and a reason to live,and when they finally find this in each other,nothing else seems to matter anymore.

Aileen: "All you need is love and to believe in yourself." [scoffs]

Aileen: Nice idea. It doesn't exactly work out that way. But I guess it was better to hear a flat-out lie than to know the truth at 13.

4. Jerry Maguire

Tom Cruise,before he became a huge icon and Spielberg's pet pooch,actually knew how to act-see A Few Good Men & Interview With the Vampire,and everyone knows Jerry Maguire.Everyone knows this scene.

Jerry Maguire: I love you. You... complete me.

Dorothy: Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at hello. You had me at hello.

3.Lost In Translation

Fantastic script,a simple yet amazing story-to top it all off,both Bill Murray & Scarlett Johansenn are remarkable performers.Two strangers,both enstranged by their partners and the foreign city,both bored and lonely (they hardly smile or show any form of emotional expression before they meet each other),stuck in the monotonous and fast-paced chaos of Tokyo,find comfort in each other,say stupid things but know nothing can ever happen between them.The final scene,when Bob (Bill Murray) is on the way to the airport in a cab,sees Charlotte (Scarlett Johansenn) on a nearby pedestrian walk,leaves the cab,runs towards Charlotte and they both kiss,say nothing,and part once again,but this time,forever.

Bob: Can you keep a secret? I'm trying to organize a prison break. We have to first get out of this bar, then the hotel, then the city, and then the country. Are you in or you out?

Charlotte: I'm in.


Watching the movie was torture,the whole thing was overstuffed with too many characters,sick cheesy dialogues and horrendous cliche moments,and there's that annoying mumbling so-called macho man called Hugh Grant in it-but i'd watch the damn thing all over again to catch this one particular scene.The groom's best friend,John (Martin Freeman),a silent,akward,peculiar character,falls in love with the Bride (Kiera Knightley) but knows better than to pursue his emotions-instead,all he does,is arrive on Christmas Eve to confess his love in an unconventional,romantic fashion -telling her all there is to say with huge cardboards written with these lines,one after the other.You can watch the whole part,here.

With any luck by next year,

I'll be going out with one of these girls

(shows cardboard with pics of beautiful,bikini-clad models )

But for now,let me say,

Without hope or agenda,

Just b'cos its Christmas (and at Christmas you tell the truth)

To Me, You are perfect

And my wasted heart will love you.

1.The Lord of The Rings:The Fellowship of The Ring

Tolkien's books were too much for me,but Peter Jackson managed to translate all that gibberish into a fine trilogy-yes,there were a million other things to look out for in the movie-the story with the funny men travelling here and there to try get some ring destroyed,the small battle scenes complimented with perfect scenery,and all those things-but one subplot,which i felt had risen above the many others-was the compelling relationship between Arwen (the gorgeous Liv Tyler) and Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen),and how their love was obstructed by the many things in between-and how both looked past these things as if they were nothing,and loved without holding back.And for one woman,to give up something so precious,irreplacable and invaluable (its IMMORTALITY fro God's sake!),for a man-is just something very few of us would actually do,so the question is-how much are you willing to sacrifice for love?

Arwen: Long years have passed. You did not have the cares you carry now. Do you remember what I told you?

Aragorn: You said you'd bind yourself to me, forsaking the immortal life of your people.

Arwen: And to that I hold. I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone. [takes off her pendant] I choose a mortal life.


So that's the end of this long,long post-hope it helped you readers in some way or another,maybe it helped you realise how much you treasure things,or what matters more-whatever it is-in times of hardship and sadness,just remember,

Love conquers all.


annakin said...

hah zaq, no matter how much u say love hurts, we mere mortals neva fail to traverse the doubtful terrain in its quest. despite the trials and tribulations, it IS out there and it is ultimately, worth it. if its not true, its not love.

hmm btw, just watched The Notebook and really, its so damn sweet. not overrated wutsoever in my opinion. i swear i got a bit teary twds the end haha. k, enuf of confessions *blushes*

lol i wudnt pick Monster as my first choice =P but hey, wuteva floats ur boat xP few other romantic ones would be Its Gotta Be You, Something's Gotta Give, When Harry Met Sally, Moulin Rouge, bits of StarWars ep2 (before the cheesy lines got a bit much), 4Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones, Shakespeare in love, Notting Hill, etc. u can see im one big romantic movie buff =P haha hugh grant is good in brit stuf, so is colin firth xP (currently borrowing the bbc version of Pride+Prejudice which i heard is better than the keira knightley one).

i HEART Love Actually. tht scene is the absolute sweetest...i wish i could find my dvd of it. the LOTR one neva struck me as particularly romantic altho immortality is a huge sacrifice. i see her logic tho. mmm, Lost in Translation i attempted watching it once on a bad quality projector which was SO frustrating coz i heard so much abt it.

good to haf an optimistic post this time =P nways, take care and reply back soon. and remember:

love actually IS all around =]

Remus! said...

No such thing as love!!!Love is a metaphor for lust..!!

annakin said...

oh gosh theres enuf cynicism in this world!