Over My Head

The vid above is of The Fray's latest single Over My Head,which is a great song but something about the band (the sorta boyband-ish vocals,the overuse of background sounds in all their songs) makes them sound like a poor,failed imitation of Coldplay.Surely one day someone will remake their songs-namely Over My Head & How to Save a Life-and bring out the life in these songs.

For now,this clip of a random girl singing the same song will do.Armed with only a guitar,her take on the song is almost a million times more engaging than the original version.Amazing.

Link to what i think,is an extremely disturbing,if not shocking clip.

The Science of Sleep clips are online-the one titled 'Describe All You Can See' is enough to make me belief Michael Gondry is going to win another Oscar this time.And if you click on the links,they'll show a pretty interesting Starbucks commercial for their new bottled Frapuccino's before the movie clip.As mentioned repeatedly in the past,i'm a huge fan of the arthouse film industry,putting my faith and enthusiasm more towards independant films rather than big Hollywood flicks-but some of these small indie films,are simply huge disasters.I advice people of the world to avoid Friends With Money at all costs,on the surface it looks promising-an allstar cast comprising of Jen Aniston,Joan Cusack and Catherine Keener,a simple,strong storyline and a nicely put-together trailer.But stay away from this trash,the movie is hollow,it goes on and on and on without any direction and has no ending,and keeps trying to shove incomplete,unreasoned and random ideas about the relationships,characters and story up our ass without hesitation or sympathy.It's horrible.It's stupid,unfunny and even Jennifer Aniston can't save this flick,she did the quite,internally-conflicted woman thing perfectly in The Good Girl,whereas here everything is in pieces.

The week's been a difficult one-i can't really put my deep,saddening troubles up here for the world to see-for now this short list of peculiar songs will provide you an effective insight into the kaleidoscope in which my emotions run wild.
Garbage-Bleed Like Me
KT Tunstall-Other side of the World
Sarah Harmer-Coffee Stain
Coldplay-Beautiful World
The Cranberries-Not Sorry

Again i'll end with a quote from a certain movie,this time from 2:37:
Sure you think there's friends and family,and they always say they're there.But when stuff happens.Real stuff happens.That's when you realise all you have is nothing,and there is simply noone.

Update:Forget emotion,who needs a heart when you have Lisa Mitchell?!She's in the Top 12,and though she obviously won't win this year's Aussie Idol-i bet my life she'll go further than that.This clip,of her rendition of Ben Harper's Diamonds,and this one (second time,standing & slightly different) leave me speechless.

More,the same random girl who sang The Fray's Over My Head,singing Terra Naomi's Say It's Possible:here's a clip of Terra Naomi herself singing it,and the random girl doing her thing with the song.

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