Sexiest Woman Alive

Esquire magazine has been running a game for the past 5 months where the public is left to decide who the woman in the picture really is,one photo has been released for every month and, the final identity will finally be released next month.

They've provided several clues-most significant of them being a recent interview,and they've even narrowed down the list of possibles to a certain few:Jessica Alba,Jessica Biel,Rachel McAdams,and Rebecca Romijn to name a few.The whole unkempt,disheveled look is reminiscent of Courtney Love,but forget her, the well-defined boobs and nose,as well as the small physique (both Jessica's are seemingly larger) most definitely point to Scarlett Johansson.The interview provided on the Equire website might lead you on a different trail,but whatever it is,she's still top of my list and the trailer above is of The Virgin Suicides,which she did not star in but was directed by Sofia Coppola,the brains behind the movie which started giving Scarlett Johannson heaps of praise and attention:Lost In Translation.

Oh,here's some Scarlett eye candy.

So,who is it?

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