Grey Turtles

I got this from PostSecret,where i had to go through the legal procedures part to make sure no lawsuit hits me for copying this-the minute i posted this here i started wondering why i did it,but then i realise of the many types of relationships i attempt to seek one that may never be possible is that between me and my own father,its complicated:the years have seen many walls being built and with me being in Australia and him being constantly occupied by work,these walls have only grown taller.

The exams are over and already there are people fussing about term4-PEOPLE!The term's barely over and you're already getting hyped up about next term's workload-people like you make school a tiresome thing you maniac kiasu's!Speaking of kiasu's-usually i don't link to other blogs unless they've posted an exceptionally good post,which is the case for famous blogger XiaXue today-i felt the exact same way about people posting roses and turtles as tribute to Steve Irwin,its like-dang!you project yourselves as being all sympathetic and caring by posting these meaningless,pathetic little icons all over and i find all immature,pointless and utterly stupid.Sure i understand these people feel they should do something as part of their personal mourning for poor Stevie,but since when do they ever care-i mean,when have you ever seen anyone post any sort of icon when someone dies-people do it b'cos some mindless idiot started it,some of those who posted these icons don't even know about Steve Irwin,or war and the many troubling issues going on,i believe they put these tiny turtles up for the sake of seeming sympathetic when half the time they don't even know what's really going on.My opinion.No offence.

Here's a pic of the Grey's Anatomy cast-aside from having a total KICK-ASS soundtrack,the doctors here look nothing like doctors to me (forgive the stereotyping) especially the young Charlize Theron lookalike but thankfully,the moving plots and talented actors manage to distract us-one thing i find remarkably interesting about the show is the relationship between George and Meredith,here's a brief exp:Meredith likes boss,but George likes Meredith,Meredith breaks up with boss,sleeps with George but doesn't really love him,George is heartbroken and unforgiving.We've seen this many times before,but don't mind seeing them over and over again for there is something genuinely sad in seeing one occupant of the relationship to love the other more than the other knows,and for the other to brush this off without resistance,is just sad.Whoa,ignore that part-twisted and confusing.Anyhows,my point is (phew,finally),Grey's Anatomy is this year's best tv show so far-i mean,Lost and Desperate Housewives have disappointed most,and new shows like Extra's,The Closer and Veronica Mars are complete trash.

The exam period for me is when wierd and unusual things happen unsuspectedly-this time it was the weird sleeping thing,i would sleep early after a hot bath to ensure i'd wake up fresh and cheerful the next day but after two hours of sleep i'd wake up feeling WIDE awake and would spend the next two hours rolling around in bed while producing futile attempts at boring myself to sleep mainly by focusing on images of dragonflies,butterflies and insects (but after a while the images got really vivid and exciting,which made sleep even more impossible).Some say this is an effect of stress and that i should relax more,but with my father sending daily emails reminding me and my sister the importance of studying and not ending up a poor,penniless beggar (he thinks both of us only party and burn textbooks for leisure) i feel even more inclined and motivated to get the higest grades i can achieve simply to say ''Pa,don't be so paranoid-we're studying.''

Before proceeding.Must.Listen.To.Camera Obscura.Must.They.Are.Terrific.

End of digression.

Moving on,gonna vacuum the room and do some serious cleaning soon (the exam season=room looks like its been hit by an earthquake),hopefully learn to cook Laksa & Nasi Lemak (some of you pro's are laughing at this,soon i'll be too),get an eyebrow piercing and eat more healthy stuff.That means no more Subway,fatty over-cheesed pasta or milkshakes-i don't wanna start uni looking like a complete fat-ass pig,but if i ever do,i'll strive to become a funny and lovable one.This is it,the beginning of three weeks of holidays-which i hope will unravel as the perfect journey,where i learn more about my peculiar self and the odd universe.


syazazafirah said...

maniac kiasu? i think that refers to me slightly. or wholly. but its hard to act cool and not care when you've done exactly that for the past 6 months. in my case. or...yea...i dunno..

Anonymous said...

selamat bercuti, juz dun waste it and call me crying on the last day of holz..

Anonymous said...

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annakin said...

heyya havnt heard frm u in awhile. sup?

i miss laksa and nasi lemak...i like milkshakes...isnt subway healthy? the footlong is still cheaper than 2 $3.95 sub-of-the-days. yea i think ive tried just abt every one...

im on holz too...dun be gebang la come to syd while we're both free...

wut kinda music is camera obscura?

kinda addicted to grey's now too. i swear izzy is theron's long lost sis. i like burke. sheppard only looks good wif his hair wet. i pity his wife tho. and meredith has no soul.

my mum's like ur dad too. i mean, we come here to live, not study 24/7. and she wonders why i sound so uneasy on the fone.

i got ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. try monica ali's Brick Lane. uk writer. hows ur reading comin on? halfway thru tht pile yet? i dun wonder why u bought so many. theyre darn cheap in kl.

currently addicted to jack johnson. its so dreamy. i wonder if i'll ever tire of acoustic-y stuf. i half wish i went to mraz's now...fallin in love wif jamie cullum all over again...

dun be too hard on urself, dude. theres a pt in time where ynoe the sun's just gotta shine thru. dispel the darkness and keep on singin.