Silent Hill

Last Sunday,i followed the peeps to watch Silent Hill-which,incase you didn't know,was based on a popular video game,and today's post will be about me reviewing the film so skip this if you don't give a rat's ass.

Despite being given a meagre rating of 27% on Rotten Tomatoes,and critics basically hating it,i can tell you for sure this is one helluva horror flick you would not want to miss.First up,i was shocked even before the film began when it was shown that Focus Features,a big film studio known for producing successful arthouse films (most which i love) such as Eternal Sunshine & Lost In Translation,was behind this film.Shocking indeed.There are some genuinely horrifying scenes that will leave you speechless in shock-and fans of the game (as well as viewers in general) will be able to spot the obvious flaws in this otherwise memorable flick namely the confusing plot and the messy script-however,despite this,the film still managed to leave me impressed albiet suffering a tiny headache due to the several plotholes and unanswered questions about the story (which are dealt head-on in the comments section of the review posted here).The camera-work and sound effects in this film are noteworthy,but the editing department could've done a better job by leaving out certain scenes i felt were slowing down the story-apparently the script was changed after several producers realised there were no male characters in the story,therefore the role of Sean Bean as Rose's husband was newly added and we see his character is nothing but an uneccesary addition to the cast,and although he helps unravel the mystery of Alessa and Silent Hill,all that could've been done in a smoother way without his aid.The creatures/monsters in this film are some of the most scary villians i've ever seen on film-the faceless undead,a man with a pyramid thing on his head yielding a large sword,and the way the entire city turns from normality to absolute horror everytime the alarm sounds-i'm not sure you got what i meant,so go watch the film to fully grasp the effect of this film.

Yes,if that qualifies for a movie review.Anyways,what made my day was stumbling across a poster promoting John Mayer's concert here in November,which i will hopefully attend if nothing else gets in the way.

My head's spinning faster than a broken carousel-oh,and yes,now that i remember,to the stinky Indian guy on the first floor who smells worse than a lorry full of garbage please get some perfume before people start stereotyping Indians and smelly curry-vendors,which is something very unjust and wrong.

My head is spinning.Hence the broken trail of thoughts and confusing structure my sentences have adopted.Since everything here is already in pieces i might as well follow the recurring order and write about nonsensical random stuff,which effectively portrays the disorder and unstablity my life undertakes sometimes.I just started watching Rockstar:Supernova,too bad Lukas won-Dilana had much more spunk and seeing her perform was really enjoyable.Thanks to Syaza,i've been watching episode after episode of Arrested Development-which i reckon is one of the most underated comedy shows out there,too bad its been discontinued (isn't there some petition somewhere i can sign to get them rolling again?).I'm performing a cleansing ritual for my life-i'm cutting off all the people who bring negative influences and i dislike for certain reasons,i'm trying to make things better.Been reading all the bad reviews for Zach Braff's The Last Kiss,which is probably a horrible movie (i mean,c'mon,there's that girl from The OC who can't act) but surprising considering Garden State was such a beautiful,moving film.Please listen to Camera Obscura-i need someone to share my love for their music with.The Simpsons stopped being funny decades ago,thankfully they invite over awesome celebs to be part of the show-White Stripes does Simpsons.Grey's Anatomy has officially become dull-too much trying to stuff in too many relationship problems and with every character in the cast having all sorts of problems the show tries too hard and ends up losing focus and my interest-so now i have nothing to watch,except Border Security,which despite how pathetic it sounds is the higest-rated show in Australia.My head is spinning.

These songs are the ones spinning in my head:
The White Stripes-Walking with a ghost
OK Go-Here it goes again
Craig Sharpe-Meant to Fly
Camera Obscura-Let's Go Bowling

My head is really spinning now.Its a circle of drunken birds spinning around the corpse of a respected ancestor.A broken TV antenna with crappy signals coming in.A cup of coffee accidentally mixed with facial cream.

My head is spinning.And so is the world and everyone,in a brutal tango of pain and eternal sadness.



Anonymous said...

mengucap dik..mengucap..selawat banyak banyak

insaneal said...

what's wrong with you.

soraya barakbah said...

dont diss simpsons!!

insaneal said...

sorry opu,but i seriously think simpsons dah tak funny anymore-futurama's even worse! and the only cartoon left to watch to make people laugh is family guy!wich i was a child again when watching the rugrats was enuf....