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Time to talk about LOST.Season 3 premiered in the US last week and since then there have been 2 episodes available for download,both of which i'm lucky enought to have sought.This post will contain loads of spoilers cos' as everyone knows i'm not one to contain such excitement,so to those who don't wana know what happens feel free to stroll off.

The first episode of the season started of really well-finally showing us an important detail about 'the others',that they're very established and live in homes very much similar to normal ones-they live in a secluded part of the island where they are able to 'connect with the outside world' (as showed in ep2) but more importantly,the first two episodes uncover a grave fact that i,as a keen viewer,did not suspect:that there are others beyond the others.When 'the others' find out about the boat,they react in total surprise-asking 'how did they get a boat',hinting that they've no idea about the group of people who provided the now-sailed-away Michael with the boat.And in ep2 the others are caught off-guard by Sun,who points a gun but is told that the others 'are not the enemy' by a stranger who is able to cite Sun's full name.

Both flashbacks of Jack and Sun further reveal their true identities-that Jack is manicly-obsessed with his ex-wife,and that Sun is not one to shy from lying even to the husband she faithfully devotes to.The three captives,Jack,Kate & Sawyer wake up dazed,two of them bear injection marks on their arms and Jack is approached by a woman from the company of 'others',who holds a file containing everything to know about his life-hence she is able to answer confidently when he asks if 'she (Jack's ex-wife) is happy'.On a side note,we discover how the weird animals (polar bears,dolphins with id tags) ended up on the island-Sawyer awoke to find himself in a cage previously used to 'condition' polar bears,and Jack found himself in an underwater tank that was used to keep sharks and so on.

What makes Lost most intriguing and different,are the subtle hints that very few viewers manage to notice-yet they hold such significance to unravelling the story,these secret clues and hidden references planted through each episode give answers (albiet in pieces) to the Dharma initiative,'the others' and the entire mystery of the island.As posted in the comments section here,below are some of the unconfirmed clues some US viewers spotted:

1.The Hydra-Jack woke up to a room underwater called 'The Hydra',which as repeatedly mentioned by different characters:wasn't on the Dharma map,which supposedly drew out all their stations on the island.According to Greek mythology,the Hydra was a creature whose poison blood was frequently used on arrows and it had nine heads,and everytime one was cut off,two new ones would grow.

2.Jack's dad-Following a flashback of Jack's past,he wakes up and discovers a broken speaker from which he miraculously hears his dead father saying 'let it go' (as he also mentions in the flashback when persuading Jack to let his wife go),but before we hear this there is some mumbo-jumbo said and some viewers reckon this overlooked part of speech held another clue (as how some people discovered in season 2,Walt's nonsensical gibberish were actually important warnings when reversed)

Well,now that i'm readin what i wrote i'm wondering why i ever did-but its probably the feeling after watching a fresh episode of Lost,leaving me curious and wondering.Yes people,i know its a TV show,and some realists might scoff at the very idea of being so deeply interested in what is essentially just a TV show,but hey,imagination is a powerful thing,fantasy is a beautiful thing,and shows like these are convenient distractions from our mediocre,dull everyday troubles.The third season garnered 18.8 million viewers,and thousands of websites,fansites and books have been published in an attempt to solve the Lost mystery.There's even Lostpedia,where it says season 3 will only arrive in Aus in Feb07 (wtf?!).Anyways,that's how deeply engrossed the world is in Lost,the entire concept is so intricate and organized its almost real.

As shown in the preview after ep2,Boone will return in flashback mode next week and ep3 will be available for download beginning Thursday.I wait patiently,noisily sucking the last drops of hot chocolate left in my cup,meanwhile enjoying Grey's Anatomy and Weeds.

You can find lists of the awesome songs from Grey's here,i recommend listening to Regina Spektor (the ah ah badada on the beginning of On The Radio stuck in my head) & Get Set Go.

Oh,and i suggest everyone stay away from NBC's Heroes,i watched one episode and felt like i could kill some of the characters in the series.They're all stereotyped to death (e.g:a mumbling Jap nerd,reclusive Indian math enthusiast),and say the stupidest,most pathetic little things.

Everyone in Weeds is fucking annoying,frustrating to watch and slightly retarded-the adults are high almost all the time,and the kids and teenagers are the unfunniest bunch of adolescents since The Brady Bunch.But i just love Marie-Louis Parker.

The first ep to season 3 of Grey's just finished downloading,but before i finish here's links to some pics of Yunjin Kim (Sun) & Evangeline Lilly (Kate).

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