Grind House

I woke up feeling tired and blurry,until i found this.

Its the newly-posted trailer to Grind House,another product from dreamteam Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) and Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction/Kill Bill)-featuring Rose McGowan,Rosario Dawson,Freddy Rodriguez (who some of you Six Feet Under fans might recognize) and a truckload of blood,sex and gore.

While waiting for that,there are some other things you might wanna check out.

-A short preview to season 4 of the OC,which stopped being watchable since season 2,but now that Mischa Barton's gone ratings could go up.

-World's tallest residential tower finally opens in Melbourne,and here's a silly guide to determining a girl's whore score and a collection of immortal horror franchises.

-Eastwood & Scorsese might battle it out again,early Oscar buzz at Yahoo.

-The new Saw 3 poster is out.

I've been watching the final episodes of Arrested Development,and why people stopped watching the once-amazing show i'm slowly beginning to understand.In one episode,5 celebrities including Zach Braff appear for short cameos and the narrator keeps repeating ''tell your friends to watch this show''.It started getting desperate and unfunny,kinda like Jim Carrey trying too hard.

Oh,and to people who leave anonymous comments.Please.Do you expect me to cry and drown in my own tears?If you're bitter and hateful,take it out on a justified cause where others actually listen to you-channel all your negative aura towards terrorists,celebrities or politicians.Sure being behind a monitor provides you with a feeling of superiority and control,but i'm sure in real life you're just weak cowards with nothing to say.Get over it.

'New York is where everyone comes to be forgiven'

A Pajiba review and an incredible trailer for John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus,which i'm off to download.


ateqs said...

o-kay, uv kinda intimidated me out of using anons anymore.not to say i was the anon who gave u that comment in ur last post(n even if i was,d'ya think i'd admit it?:P)

hmm..i've never watched kill bill b4. *deprived child*

insaneal said...

thanks ateqs for coming out from the cowardice galaxy of anons (to all other anons,learn from this courageous stranger haha!),if u haven't watched kill bill,




ever.enough capital letters haha.anyways,have a nice day ateqs and i hope you'll be un-deprived soon:)