My laptop,after being gone for two miserable weeks,finally returned this morning,along with a note that kindly informed me the monitor,keyboard and battery had been replaced free of charge.When i first contacted DellSupport they said it would take 3 working days for them to work on it,and somehow 3 days became 5,and 5 slowly,magically morphed into 14.But it's finally back now,so i'll skip cursing Dell.That small back of cookies is by far the best cookies 2 dollars can buy you-sold at Safeway,where long queus don't exist due to the smart planning.

THANKFULLY all the vids,songs were sparred from being completely deleted,though when i first switched the laptop on the Limewire was rebelling,so i had to delete and reinstall the damn thing-so the remaining unwatched eps of Arrested Development,Weeds and Grey's Anatomy i can still enjoy.And the best bit is i don't have to download the songs i so diligently gathered throughout the year,my precious collections of Alanis Morrissette,Oasis and YeahYeahYeah songs are still there-so unless something massively depressing comes along,this good mood will last till Friday morning at least.After that i'll have to find a new source for meaningless,temporary joy.

HAS anyone been watching Survivor:Cook Island lately?I know its been ages since Americans have,as you can see all the details about the season here,beware spoilers ahead.Forget the fact that tribes were determined by race/ethnicity (White/Black/Asian/Hispanic),the fact that they share the same roots does not prevent them from playing the game like it should.That is,by using dirty techniques (e.g:backstabbing) and by putting their own interests ahead of others.The second episode is interesting enough-members of the Hispanic group decide to lose the challenge intentionally,to throw out one of their unwanted members.The Asians are a pretty tight pack and they're all intelligent,the Blacks have been pretty slow and the White's you can figure out yourself.

I'm such a racist.That's what racism does to you,it makes you a racist.
'What was done to me was monstrous'.....'And they created a monster',a line from V from Vendetta,which,if you haven't seen,must.Been downloading heaps of tunes with Limewire-everything from Tegan & Sara to Dixie Chicks to Incubus.

Tomorrow will be a fairly short day,only two classes to attend,and the weekend will arrive before i know it.A week plus left for fasting-then comes the end of college,and a new beginning i'm yet unprepared for.


maemae said...

har har it's cookies yar.
i wasa trying to figure out what part of the computer it was.
like hmmm brown color.

Anonymous said...

nowadays you always contradict yourself in your post..using bombastic words to mask all your crazy ideas..clear your mind..and clear your thoughts

insaneal said...

haha yea cookies=the new sex.mwaha

its my blog,my words and above all,my head.and don't bombastic words go with crazy ideas?-get yourself a dictionary or english tutor,or better yet,get a life you tard.