Hope arrived in the form of cold white metal at my doorstep.Who needs Prozac or Valium when you have Apple sending you replacement Ipods?The people at Dell promised to send my repaired latptop by tomorrow-i rushed them,saying without it my sister's wedding wouldn't have music.In emergencies only,use the excuse of having an upcoming funeral,wedding or baby shower where the item is urgently needed-i've used it a couple of times,usually the wedding,and it worked except once when the item was a broken toaster i bought from the local supermarket.


If you haven't listened to the songs from Sofia Coppola's Marie-Antoinette,start by looking at the list here.A collection of extraordinary classic modern rock songs,preventing the film from looking like a historical sleezefest made fancy with elaborate dresses and looming structures.You'll get what i mean once you've seen this particular trailer for the film.I simply can NOT emphasize how great this soundtrack is-its fucking amazing-maybe it won't suit your taste,maybe it will-take a listen to

Siouxsie & The Banshees-Hong Kong Garden
Gang of Four-Natural's Not In It
New Order-Ceremony

Gonna start transfering songs back to the Ipod now..

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