Almost Over

This depressing picture i chose to post should give you a clear indication of my current mood.But it's not that bad.My laptop crashed for real,refusing to cooperate i my foolish attempts to revive it-i've never had a laptop crash before (when a window popped up saying 'Microsoft Crash Analysis,was then i only knew it was a crash),but i've had friends who have so only now do i understand what a pain in the ass it is to have such terrible malfunction at hand.But at least my Ipod is still alive-with the joy of music a true life crisis is averted.

Will be going back in two weeks or so,i might just be extraordinarily hardworking and dump the holiday habit of sitting at home in passivity just watching tv and getting fat-maybe i'll get a part-time job (preferably Borders,Starbucks or anywhere else involving coffee or books),do some minor charity work,learn a new language (although i highly doubt i'll be taking this up) and do someother less important things like getting my cat Chichi obese and healthy again,learning some fast and practical cooking recipes and getting that elusive driving license i so deserve.

But before my college year concludes i hope Melbourne still has some excitement to offer for 2006-Maybe a last stroll near the St Kilda beach,a last meal at some of our fave restaurants,and a few last snaps of the camera before all of us truly embrace young adulthood.All the memories i've collected throughout the year play back as short glimpses in my mind-and suddenly life doesn't look that bad,and the broken laptop seems such a trivial matter.

The adventure seems to have almost ended-but a tiny voice in my head whispers wistfully,''It hasn't even begun yet''.

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thai taste yar!!!