This vid is the funniest thing i've encountered today.

Esp the guy's face at the end.Uck.

Decided to change the blog layout and so on-the previous one made it look like i wrote way too much even when it wasn't the case,and this one gives more attention to the words somehow.I thought the rain pic would come out as a cute,small,barely noticable pic but it turned out huge and didn't look too ugly so i'll leave it that way.

Fairly uninteresting day,and like all other dull,lazy days time seems to move much slower and all things sound and look monotonous,the passing cars,the distant sound of an endless beeping somewhere,and even the tapping noises my fingers make as they type-blagh,its Sat nite but because of the exams noone seems to want to go out,so i'll stay in and listen to some music instead.

My Chemical Romance-Welcome To The Black Parade

Cooked fried rice for din today-the last time i cooked fried rice it turned out tasteless despite having inserted mushrooms,tofu,fishballs,tuna and eggs-so now i added even more unecessary ingredients and put soy sauce,chili paste and even garlic-but it turned out even more tasteless.Either that or my taste buds are dying.

Despite the lack of activity today,some very interesting things happened-a suspicous conversation with a silent occupant,the discovery of a secret affair almost noone else in my apartment building knows of,a scent of obsession or even envy lingering in the white corridors leading towards the 3rd floor,and finally my shock when i saw the fugly 2-dollar christmas lights the landlord had put up across the entrance this morning.This is what happens when nothing happens,i start looking into things and start becoming delusional and start overanalyzing the littlest things that probably don't mean shit.

Boredome just got a bit less inedible.

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