Chichi (a.k.a the grumpiest cat in the world) gave birth few months ago to Sushi,this adorable little kitten.

Ivana says she'll sell Sushi off if i don't buy clothes from Melbourne for her-Ivana you terrorist!You hold Sushi hostage you evil thing! Don't sell her off! I'll buy you anything! Shoes? Clothes? Sportsgirl? Gucci? Guess?

Haih,the things we do for our helpless kittens with their cute big eyes.

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oblivious said...

omg, your kitten (yours,i presume?) is UNBELIVABLY cute!!AHHH! *melts into a quivering mass of jelly*

heh.kittens do that to me.

if it were me i'd be offering this Ivana all the malls in melbourne :p