Righteousness: You have to study! You've spent the entire day wasting time doing futile things and absolutely nothing useful at all! It's time to smack yourself out of unreality and get back to work!
Irrationality: Oh relax,the exam's about three days more-isn't that 72 hours? 72 hours! 72 hours is enough for you to revise ALL your notes at least three times! And working too hard will only exhaust your mind,it'll probably turn you into one of those specy geeks with too much brain and no street smart to actually function as adults later on-so take a chill pill and watch tv,download another movie,read comics,enjoy life!
R: Are you absolutely fucking out of your mind-screw this final exam and your whole future will be gone! You'll be flipping burgers in a dumb yellow truck while your friends make millions as doctors and lawyers! Where will you put your face then-where will your parents put theirs? The exam's barely three days away and you've yet to finish studying you lazy turd!
I: Ugh,you're such a party pooper R. What are you, Hitler or something? I'm sure the boy can make up his own mind without you screaming orders and threats into his ear-let him relax for God's sake,he's been studying hard for the past few days and a few hours of laying back won't hurt..
R: You're right I, i'll let the boy do absolutely nothing and waste his time now and tomorrow,and everyday after that. Success only comes by being lazy doesn't it? Go ahead,do nothing-waste your time,that's usually how people get high grades and end up rich-by sitting back and letting the money come to them.
I: Ugh. You're so sarcastic.
R: Oh, am i?
Right.Ignore that.It started as an internal dialogue but my fingers got involved and before i knew it,it was all over the page. The whole day has been spent lazing around and pretending to study-this consists having an open book before me,only for my mind to wander to some faraway fantasy land-but i think i deserve today,the past few days have been intense and i'm personally not one to study too much,one because i'm honestly too lazy to study too hard,and second,i often get good results not by pushing myself to the extreme,but actually taking time to study smart and let myself breath once in a while.
'Love is not only blind,it's also deaf,disabled and retarded'
Came up with that during one of the million pointless conversations i have each day,and take my word-one day i'm going to be really famous and all these pathetic quotes will be taken seriously and compiled into some sort of book or something.Well,true love is apparently something that only comes when your halfway through your twenties but very few people are lucky enought to have found it before that period-i am one of those cursed to wait for it,meanwhile having mindless fun toying around with infatuation and lust while waiting for the real thing to arrive.But it'll come any moment,maybe the next time i visit the market i'll accidentally bump into a pretty girl,and-fast forward-we're laughing hysterically at our third child,daughter Sara who giggles when she pees-but wait,cut that out-children? Too much.Maybe we'll borrow a friend's child for a weekend to see what being a parent feels like and if we're fit for the job first,before deciding to have children of our own.
Wait,i'm digressing.
Must get back to reality.That will be my mantra from now on.
(Chanting mantra)

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