Three Things

No day is complete without its random observations and meaningless realizations.Today brought about its share of these things.

1. I want Regina Spektor to sing at my wedding
And if i'm fated to not find the love of my life to wed,i'll go as far as to fake a wedding just to get an excuse to get Regina Spektor.And since we're inviting her,we might as well call The Kooks and John Mayer as well.How well they'll blend in with the bunga telur and kebaya-clad aunties at the wedding won't be my problem-i'll leave this for fake wifey to think about.

2.Recycling is not difficult
I'm honestly curious to why people don't recycle more-the only valid excuse would be because they're too darn lazy to do it.I put a special paperbag next to the bin to put used papers in about a week ago,and it was full in a matter of days-then i brought it over to the nearby recycling bin and gave a thumbs up sign to the nearby trees.

3.We only want what we can't have
For the past few weeks,i've been scavenging the entire building to find the vacuum-people always keep it in their rooms after using,and sometimes it just disappears without anyone knowing where it goes.But i finally found it this evening on the second floor,but the moment i spotted it; my mind,with its procrastinative nature and unusual talent for conjuring lame excuses,instantly came up with more than 10 reasons why i shouldn't have to vacuum the room today.So i left the vacuum where it was,wondering when would be the next time i'd find it.

Lost Spoiler Alert!

Moving on,watched the year's final episode of Lost (the last ep signaling the 2 month hiatus,Lost will return with ep 7 on Feb07 2007) and i have to say i was kinda disappointed as i was expecting a more dramatic cliffhanger,one that would leave viewers curious enough to want to watch it next year.So Kate married a man whom was unaware of her true identity-haven't we been told this fact (that Kate's a clever liar) in Season 2? And what's up with Sawyer & Kate having sex when they could've escaped?-yes i admit the thought of having wild,uninhibited sex in a cage sounds weirdly tempting and too irresistable for anyone to pass,but for God's sake they could've done something instead of waiting for the Others to come the next morning.But i admit seeing Evangeline Lilly looking so flawless in a wedding dress was worth sacrificing the episode for-and there's no way i'm ever quitting from watching Lost,they could kill off all the characters with a nuclear explosion and suddenly tell some random story about french-speaking apes and i'd still watch it.

The new trailer for Spiderman 3 is out (click on the pic above for the link),and it looks promising-i know nothing about comics,but i know any comic-based flick revolving around massive budgets,excessive use of special effects and the pairing of Tobey Maguire & Kristen Dunst proves mind-blowing.Spidey 3 will be a fulfilling appetizer before Sin City 2 arrives to complete the meal.

Oh,Ali turned 19 over the weekend.Happy Birthday Alizabeth!Dude,i know the party sucked but hey,we'll have a real party with the peeps when we're all back in M'sia kay?

I'm turning 18 in a week plus and i'm honestly clueless on how i should celebrate this significant turn-of-age.So i did what i would usually do when confusion is at its most unfathomable form,post the question at Yahoo Answers.Here's the link to it-be a good civilian and help me out.Can't believe someone said i should give the money that ought to be spent for MY birthday to charity instead.Lolz!Such pathetic,blind innocence!Australians are way too fucking rich and don't need my help with eradicating the economic/social problems.I'm being cruelly sarcastic here-of course they need our help!,those helpless refugees in dirty camps without air-conditioning,those countless orphans who dream of eating BigMacs while feeding on grass for lunch,those abandoned old folks who unintentionally poop at the thought of watching Golden Girls' reruns cos' they're so excited at doing such sad things all day,and the abused women-all who are shining symbols of society's collective selfishness.So maybe i'll just donate some money and have a cute cuddle with some tiny malnourished orphans for my birthday,or splash it out on a huge party noone would come to and would end up being a huge sleezefest where everyone pretends to have fun.Plus its in the middle of the exam season-so i doubt anyone would want to waste their time on some dumb party.Get ready cute orphans,here i come!


syazazafirah said...

eh, so weird, i was posting abt 3 things as well with a same-day-post. before i saw yours. regina spektor at wedding, al? allow me to self-invite myself, please. :)

insaneal said...

haha syaza-better yet,will you be my fake wife?haha i'll even pay for the fake divorce bills and let you choose the fake wedding theme-black,or black?

syazazafirah said...

hahaha, ok. let me just check my fake schedule for any fake free slots.

maeeeeeeeeee said...

crazy toot!
right after maths 1!
if we're all not too depressed after that then ok laaaaa!
next day eap right??
eap?? heloooooo!
celebrate man!