I'm so sick.I feel a high fever coming on.

These things cheered me up a lil.

Gwen Stefani's new vid.Boring song,good vid.
Pussycat Dolls' new vid.The lead singer's a goddess,catchy song.
Red Hot's new vid.Boring vid,good song.
This weird clip of an Indian Superman & Spiderwoman being weird.

Watched Shortbus over the weekend-i think of it as amateur porn backed by a so-called plot,and with good music (really really good music-a link to the tracklist),its one of the worst films i've seen this year and i felt it was a waste of $12 and two hours.Finally got to see 1999's Fight Club-an overlong film with some uneccesary bits but nothing short of amazing,the final scene where the buildings explode with Placebo's 'Where is My Mind' playing in the background was fcking fantastic. +An interesting,detailed article that follows the popular conspiracy that says Fight Club's a film about Calvin & Hobbes.

Some other songs worth a listen.

The Audreys-Oh Honey
Josh Pyke-Silver
Butterfingers-Kabus Ribut
Bobby Flynn-Under Pressure (David Bowie cover)
The Kinks-Lola
The Gossip-Where the girls are

Just took three actifast panadols.

Will be listening to music on my bed while fantasizing what it'd be like without a sore throat,stuffed nose and murderous headache.

Hoot! My drama group's poster (unedited version) for Wednesday's performance done by Ck.Ck you look like someone i feel like punching haha.

And Sha's.The poster's something like The Godfather meets Saw and American Pscyho-uber coolness.She's gonna be playing a cop,like in Gerak Khas except way,way cooler!
Oh and to the guy who sings Josh Groban songs in the public bathroom,do us all a kind favour and get yourself a private apartment next year where you'll have the convenience of a personal shower (preferably soundproof)-because no kind-hearted human deserves to be tortured by your horrendous vocals,so please,Mr. William Hung Wannabe,leave for all our sakes as soon as possible.And you can take along the fugly Indian manpig who smells like a truckload of rubbish with you,by removing these unwanted smell/sound pollutions from our lives you'd be doing a service to mankind and guaranteed a place in Heaven.

Can't wait for Drama!


Siti Suhaila said...

hey,get well soon

insaneal said...

siti suhaila,i've heard of you before.i have a close friend who believes you stole something from him.hurm.

bless you lovestruck kids.

li-ann said...

i thought shortbus was good >< u sure its tht bad? ive been wanting to see it since u told me abt it.

maybe evryone's sick coz of exam season. me got the sniffles too >< u need rest, symptoms of stress.

good job to recycling!

calvin and hobbes too small, cant read it.

i like ur drama poster