Regina Spektor

Though she might not fit your conventional definitions of beauty,Regina Spektor has a voice spectacular enough to defy these lines-and her voice is like nothing else,her music absolute magic.

I went to bed at 10.30,then without being provoked i woke up again at 2am,and now its 4 and i'm still unable to sleep.What's amazing though is that my mind,knowing how much trouble this malfunction will cost me in the near future (drama performance in a few hours time),has made up for the problems its caused with a sudden diligence and determination for hardwork-so i've been doing several math questions,and now i'm on to Othello.Ne me quitte pas!I bet its just anxiety keeping me awake,truthfully i feel so damned nervous i need an apple to keep my mouth occupied just so my jaw doesn't suddenly close to slice off my tongue.At this ungodly hour all my words barely makes sense-early birds and drunken insomniacs make noises outside,heavy trucks pass occasionally and i hear glass bottles hitting the hard ground with loud clunks.

Few sorta funny things happened today.

In literature class,Mike was so frustrated from not getting responses/answers that he repeatedly re-phrased his questions to a point where they no longer became questions but answers so darn obvious all we had to do was nod or provide some kind of nonverbal response to satisfy him.A simple 'yes' or 'no' would've given him a heart attack.

At lunch,noone realised it but i suddenly had an endless supply of tissues next to my bowl of noodles-by endless,i mean ENDLESS.Throughout the lunchour i kept pulling tissues from the same spot,countless times,but even by the end of lunchour there was still a whole bunch-miraculous,weird,or it could just be that someone had stocked em' up while i wasn't watching.

My mum sms-ed saying that on her visit to Cambodia,she had been brought to some place where Angelina Jolie had been during the filming of a Tomb Raider movie-and just to annoy her i replied saying 'Angelina who?',then she called explaining how the locals had made the spot some kind of shrine,and how ridiculous it all was-after that she went on to talk about the many local gossips her gossipy friends had told her-one of them being that the boyfriend to one of my close friends was believed to be the cousin of a well-known murderer,and she briefly explained (as if to hide some big,CIA secret) how the girl's mum along with her and a few pals have conjurred a small plan to break them up.

I don't think i'll be sleeping today-even if i could i'd be restless,having tiny nightmares like i did just now.So bring on the sunrise,the light of day and all the world's chaos for me to enjoy.

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li-ann said...

ynoe, if u want jess simpson to sing at ur wedding its 400 000 USD. scarlett johansen will mingle wif ur guests for 200 000 USD. madonna turned down 5mil to simply appear at someone's party. i lament the waste...at least just go and donate the money or sth.

anxiety keeps me awake too. i dun realise im clenching my jaws till my mouth feels dry. how can u do othello at nite? maths maybe or relaxed reading...but analysing expression is not a night time thing.

if ur the director im guessing the most stressful time is during the performance lol...u can bathe in the aftermath.

wth is in cambodia?