Wicked Game

The world was on fire,noone could save me but you
Strange what desire can make what foolish people do
I never dreamed that i'd meet somebody like you
No i don't wanna fall in love,with you
What a wicked thing to do,to make me dream of you
What a wicked thing to say,you never felt that way
This love is gonna break your heart
Nobody loves,nobody loves noone

What a beautiful performance,done few weeks ago on the now pathetic (since they booted out Bobby Flynn) AusIdol-its interesting how some people personify love as being an uncontrolable,almost darkly sadistic power.How we incidentally 'fall' and 'find' it in the weirdest places during the most importune times,and how we feel that this power that yanks us up,down and rips us apart right after providing us a satisfaction of feeling wholesome and complete.Sometimes i believe that emotions are really something we aren't able to define accurately,as if all these inner storms and whirlwinds are too destructive for any man to be able to say for sure what they really are-so we give names in an attempt to understand our own peculiar selves:fear,envy,anger,regret.When in truth all these bullshit concepts are our own inventions made to cope with our own inability to make right choices or accept our unfortunate fates and move on,so instead of taking the blame we point to these foolish ideas that we honestly don't understand,that 'love' was accidental and planned by some bigger force we couldn't have prevented-but honestly i don't believe any man can stand the pain of his own heartache alone and survive it without shifting the blame slightly to somewhere else,so i guess in the end 'love' itself is just a word for something that we can never quite give meaning to,a wicked illusion we can't possibly live without.

I don't know where all of that came from.Watched Little Miss Sunshine,Reservoir Dogs and Being John Malkovich over the past week (i'm going to be a screenwriter/filmaker one day,so i consider this as research)-Little Miss Sunshine was absolutely adorable and a definite must-watch,Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs is a fucking classic (although i recommend that viewers close their eyes during one particularly violent scene where a character's ear is sliced off) and, Being John Malkovich now ranks in as one of my Top 5 Fave Films of All-time.From the man who wrote the also grand 'Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind' (Charlie Kaufman),comes a film about three characters who stumble upon a portal that enables them to enter the mind of a man called John Malkovich.This movie is so mind-blowingly imaginative and cleverly playful with its ideas (without crossing the line and becoming some sort of fantasy geekfest),with its kooky characters and unpredictable storyline-this film is insanely brilliant and i recommend that everyone watch it.

I think,i feel,i suffer.


oblivious said...
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oblivious said...

oops.the remove comment thingie was my doing.my bad.

so anyways,you want to be a filmmaker?seriously?

because if u do,i'm counting on u to resuscitate malaysia's current awesomely bad(save for a few exceptions) film industry.nvm the fact i hardly know you n what kind of movies you'd make :p

insaneal said...

haha yeah but i still need sometime to gather more experience and knowledge-don't wanna end up becoming one of those young filmakers who make stupid films and think they know it all you know?the msian film industry is in trouble,but as you said-we can count on the few exceptions.we need people with passion,people who are alive for both our country and this world.

luck for all.