Big Bad Prom

Prom was amazing.Actually it was okay and i'm exagerrating,but people expect me to go 'Omigawd it was fucking fantastic' so i'm gonna try sweep my pessimism under the carpet for this special occasion and try my best to convince you that it was in fact,amazing.

Well,to be fair-some things made the night memorable,the peeps were all dressed like royalty and their enjoyable company almost made me forget that the MC spoke as if there were two cocks stuck in her mouth and the music played effectively replaced the classy atmosphere that could've been with a horrible sense of absolute trashiness and cheapness.I felt the organizing team did a half-assed job,and there was potential to make the night truly memorable but if i were to describe the night as a film,i'd say everything from the script,casting and lightwork was messy and wrong.Think Catwoman or Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin.

Half the time at prom was spent snapping pics (people got up to take pics all the time;between dishes,between activities,between and during everything),as people had completely lost their dependance on the sucky,non-existant itinerary for entertainment or pleasure,and the good things about prom wasn't the prom itself but everything else.I won't talk much about the afterparty at Platform 1,which would've been enjoyable if not for the fact that it was BEYOND OVERCROWDED and that dancing had become like a form of prison torture where we were forcefully confined to one small spot and many sweaty,dirty sluts and pimps took the advantage to rub themselves against us human sexpoles.

I'd like to take this chance to say thanks to Ira for helping me do the tie.Thanks a lot Ira!

Back to the prom.Everyone looked fabulous,a lot of girls arrived looking absolutely stunning and the guys looked equally suave in suits,and for a few minutes when we were waiting at the lobby for others to arrive my mind briefly fantasized about adulthood,tiresome officework and the burden of having an entire family to take care of (so much time was spent waiting,to the point that my daydreams had become so elaborate),and suddenly the suit i was wearing seemed less like a fancy attire,and more of an insight towards the bittersweet future.

To some,the prom might simply be an event where people dress up and come to act nice and enjoy themselves,but i see it as being something bigger but i can't quite articulate it-the way some girls in dresses sway gracefully with cold smiles on their powdered faces,the way certain young men pose akwardly for pictures in their brand new suits,the way everything there seemed to be insignificant and unattached,as if all of it were part of something bigger,and i simply refuse to accept this event,where the fancy attires and bright expensiveness of it all claimed to be the substance that was supposed to make it special,as being the most memorable thing in my college year.

Perhaps its the sense of unbelonging and isolation talking,not myself,and that this other part of me,the one insecure and a bit sceptical who's taken control of all my ideas and opinions,villanously intoxicating them with negativity and cynicism,or maybe its really me and i genuinely think the prom was more of a huge gimmick that sucked my wallet dry by pretending to be a meaningful thing,but at least now i've learned that not all things massive,overhyped and exclusive are really what they seem,and in truth they're really just full of echo and nothing at the core.


Ira said...

Ahaha! Yay! One paragraph dedicated to me! Hugs, Al! Next time you need your tie fixed, you know who to call!

mae mae said...

well done al!! got put my pic! ahahahahha! unlike somebodyyyy who forgotttt! wakaka!

i want to comment on what u say !
i detected some unsur SUBLIMINAL msg !

"the MC spoke as if there were two cocks stuck in her mouth"

" sweaty,dirty sluts and pimps took the advantage to rub themselves against us human sexpoles."


and u say the cruel incident that happened to my carebear( thanks to his momma who swallowed a red hot poker in the camping site)got subliminal msg!
dot dot dot!!!!

insaneal said...

Haha mae mae-this one not subliminal message,its out in the open for all to see!

unlike some sneaky carebears i know....hehehe

Angelita Atractivo said...

hey~ it's just a prom, man... take a chill pill... don't overanalyze everything in your life, dude...

life's too short to keep on being skeptical ;)

enjoy it while you still can... whilst it lasts!

~p e a c e~