John Mayer

Went to watch John Mayer on Thursday night,at the Palais Theatre.

-It was absofuckinglutely amazing,except he missed some of the songs i really wanted to see performed life (Neon,I don't Trust Myself,1983) but the many guitar solo's and other good songs made up for it.

-Had a lot of laughs too.We arrived 10 minutes late but hadn't had dinner,so bought some Mcd burgers and gobbled it up faster than you can say ''Fatty!''.

-Remy's camera was being a bloody bitch,the pics had to be edited but the vids came out surprisingly excellent.Managed to get short clips of Belief,Bigger Than My Body and The Heart of Life and put them on the tube.

Prom tomorrow night.And exam in two weeks.Going all gung ho after tomorrow.

Update: For a short time,the season 4 premiere for the OC is up on YTube but in five parts. (Link:Under his 'vids',but if its not there means its been removed)

And.Just watched the latest ep of Lost.SPOILER AHEAD.Booo.Ecko dies-he was one of the few genuinely interesting characters,with a fascinating past and some sort of 'mythical' quality to his presence,but with next week's ep being the last before the 6 month hiatus,we'll hopefully get some sort of big revelation then.


schien said...

eh i have a great idea! u shud send it the last pic to fhm! u could win 50 bucks. remember to share tho.

insaneal said...

FHM?does that stand for female hantu stalker.im blur.confusion is the world is the confusion.