Fuck The World

One of the first movies i direct will include a scene where an entire group of misfits shout 'fuck the world',their middle fingers symbolically gestured towards the sky-then they press a red button which leads to the entire world exploding into pieces.Oh the happiness.


Despite how darkly sadistic the world is getting there are still some friends i can count on who bring much needed light.I've finally lost the point of continuing to blog,but i'll continue in an attempt to divert myself from doing any constructive work.Dinner today was worth the long wait-amazing curry laksa,but what was funny how all the staff were apologizing profusely in response to my effective,quick nonverbals which said it all without having to resort to screaming f-u's,or threatening to leave.

I have no idea how podcasts work-but apparently my Itunes is genius enough to download its own podcasts and rid my Ipod of the ones i've watched,replacing them with new ones.One of the podcasts i accidentally subscribed to is Dive Film,where they show 3 minute clips of fishes,the ocean,and at times focusing on special topics such as cruelty towards dolphins in Japan,protecting whale sharks and so on.So i've made it a point to learn diving,however long and tedious it may be,before i die.I have this fascination with fishes and all kinds of aquatic creatures like the stealthy ones who move slowly then swallow their prey's boldly,or the way big and small fishes develop a simbiotic relationship where complete trust exists (i watched this one ep where this tiny lobster-looking thing fearlessly went deep inside another humungous fishes' mouth to clean it) and how everything underwater is so serene and beautiful its almost like another part of the world waiting to be discovered.

Speaking of beauty,finally got to watch 1999's American Beauty recently-the flick that won 5 Oscars inc Best Film,starring Mena Suvari,Kevin Spacey,Thora Birch etc.It captures the suburban mayhem concept so effectively,the idea that a small faraway town has deeper,more dangerous secrets to hide under the misguiding covers of its smiling occupants and picture-perfect community.The story has some really amazing characters,who,unlike most one-dimensional,predictable,heavily stereotyped characters you might find in other movies,have texture and multiple layers to their personality.One of these characters is a peculiar boy who goes around recording videos of random things-a dead dove,a plastic bag thrown around by the wind,the girl next door who at first sight seems to be nothing beautiful-he urges the girl he comes to know to 'look closer' at the world,to find real beauty-and in this act he also persuades the girl to avoid conformity,which is represented in Mena Suvari's character (who,ironically thinks her physical beauty separates her from other normal,boring people when in truth her narcissism is what ultimately makes her ordinary),a teen blowjob queen whose insecurities hide under her loathing towards everyone else.And at the end when Kevin Spacey dies,all the characters cry-everyone stops to think and regret-every ounce of misery that haunts them is removed,only to be replaced by a stabbing realization that the world's not to blame,and that the lack of beauty/meaning in their lives is really nothing but a clever illusion.

My com got invaded by a trojan and a virus over the weekend,and being the complete idiot i am in this area,its quite an accomplishment that i managed to download an anti-spy and anti-virus program to solve it.But its probably still there,hiding in some files i don't check and secretly plotting to somehow have my com suddenly explode in my face.

The Shins-New Slang
Architecture in Helsinki-Scissors Paper Rock

Your life wouldn't be as wonderful as it is without Architecture in Helsinki.Their songs are so.Don't take the pic i've posted up there too seriously,the 'fuck the world' idea can only go so far until it inspires one to take up murderous villainy or suicide bombing-my level of worldhating still remains at a safe level and is free from any form of subconcious wish to have some kind of massive genocide,and at times it even motivates me to work harder (so i can bask joyfully in the failure of those i hate)-ah,nothing beats the pleasure of seeing someone you hate so deeply fail and seek your help (shameless hypocrites!).I'm becoming more cynical and evil by the day.Must surround myself with positive people who gleam with nothing but love and compassion for the world,you know,those people who willingly give drunken beggers money,donate to reformed drug addicts and cry their hearts out after watching Hallmark movies with titles like 'The World is Wonderful' where its depicted selfish,backstabbing characters who finally 'find their inner saints' after some really big tragic event.These people are either too oblivious,ignorant and foolish to possess such an innocent view of the world-with their idea that people were born without malice and everyone's capable of loving-its that or,they have a very solid,justified understanding of the world from experience or having a kind heart that gives unconditional love and doesn't demand explanations or reciprocracy,as they exist solely to love and they hold a genuine,sincere wish to see the world be free from wars,lies and so on.Surrounding myself with the former kind,the people who are too bloody ignorant and blind to know the truth even as it bites them on the ass,would only make me even more sceptical and bitter,and wouldn't help me in my mission to lessen my hatred towards the world.

Please don't leave any comments saying how nasty i am and that i should love more,because if you do it only goes to show how really stupid and ignorant you are that you haven't read everyting i wrote properly-because somewhere in there its clearly said i don't really mean it and efforts are taken to love the world.So,take a chill pill if you need one.

Nowdays when i get down i drown myself in ice-cream,eat spoon after spoon until i feel like vomiting.Then i vomit.Then i feel a little better.This is probably unhealthy in a million different ways,but for now its my method for improving the mood,so until some other,presumable less destructive method comes along ice-cream will be my partner in crime.The bad guys being a big,bad mafia gang called sorrow.

This is spiralling out of control.Better stop here.Because the 80's seemed like such a carefree decade-

Wake me up before you go-go,
Don't leave me hanging like a yo-yo


Bina007 said...

Ah, I sort of hate American Beauty. I think this is because I always find Spacey intolerably smug. You know that plastic bag scene has become a figure of mockery but I still think it's the nicest part of the film. I wonder what happened to that actor. I also really love The Shins....Peace out, Bina007

insaneal said...

haha,yeah-some people see ab as a long episode of desp housewives.i think when it first came out it was really something,but with all the copycats available now its value has slightly decreased.

The Shins rock my socks.