Is there more truth
hidden neatly behind your brick-hard smile
or perhaps an ounce or two
tucked in sweet pouches of water
forming rivers flowing out of your eyes
Is there any truth
left in this room full of laughter
and merry,happy faces
Am I contemplating my own thoughts
or have I stumbled upon something dangerous
usually obscured from plain sight and feel
Is this a journey downhill,a slow corrosion
or the simple removal of a dark blanket
Is this going to destroy me,
consume me in it's hedious,merciless inevitability
or simply touch me with a cold finger
leaving a shiny trace of evil under my skin that grows patiently
only to have the enemy
be birthed from within?
Either way,the truth is now out,
and I must confront it
only with this once-powerful blanket
for this world cannot contain or face such darkness
one that is not really an enemy
but reflects to the one lying in places we never did expect.
There is no truth,
there is no darkness,
there is no nothing,just our rich everything
in this colourful room of laughter,
we'll stay forever warm in our cosy blankets.

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