Wow,what a terrific weekend it was.

I'm still laughing about someone said about how she found Teletubbies crude because they put a baby's head as the sun.The more I think about it,the less funny it becomes,the more crude and creepy it actually sounds.I'll be having some pretty funky nightmares tonight.

I've been listening to nothing much else but Placebo in the past week.There's this part in Without You I'm Nothing (the newer version with David Bowie is just beautiful)-such imagination seems to help the feeling slide (I'll take it by your side) Instant correlation sucks and breeds a pack of lies (I'll take it by your side)-that's currently stuck in my head.I would put them on the same level as Radiohead,because both vocalists Brian Molko & the Godlike Thom Yorke have that rare,ethereal quality to their voices,and both bands produce the kind of music that feeds what's left of my poor soul.

Soulmate dry your eyes.

+New posters for I'm Not There & the Narnia sequel are up at FirstShowing-what's up with Disney and casting plain-looking blond-haired boys (who probably can't act-let's just hope they don't turn out like Fox's Eragon-damn that was just unspeakably horrible) and giving them main roles?That's such a late 90s thing to do.For anyone looking to be amused,just start with the many bad reviews for Good Luck Chuck you can find online-I definitely won't be watching the film-Jessica Alba wreaks of mediocrity,and that undesirable Fantastic 4 stench hasn't quite left-but how strongly the critics hate it,hilarious.

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