One Missed Brain

It's been a wonderful week,though nothing much has happened-this lack of anything worth ranting about can often be interpreted as something good in my book.

Anyhu,here's something I'd like to share with you peeps-the new poster for Tony Gilroy's (the man who penned the film adaptations for all existing Bourne flicks) upcoming film-Michael Clayton,starring Clooney and a few other biggies.The film plot-about a "fixer" working in a law firm who stumbles into something dangerous that predictably changes his life in ways unexpected (here lies the irony) or threatens to end it,or something similarly uninspired if not worse-sounds like nothing new,probably no more than the type of generic crap best avoided unless you like that kind of shit (I'm still trying to get over the trauma that was The Firm-the Grisham novel wasn't particularly intelligent or interesting,so the film adaptation,with Tom Cruise in the main,should've been a relatively simple task considering the original material they had to work with wasn't too dense,complex or challenging,but the end product was so ridiculously dumb it seemed like they didn't take much time reviewing the script before rushing out to make the film).The only thing that interests me about this,is the poster-the minimalistic approach works if only for the single statement written across the poster-bold,intriguing,does what it's meant to do without having to resort to the type of gross,modern stylistic crap witnessed in The Inside Man poster.What they've got is something worth offering a second glance,something that captivates you for a moment,before you inevitably turn away realising it's another hackneyed film about a bunch of lousy,cliche-ridden lawyers no different from those featured on the equally trite crime shows on the idiot box,and angrily ask Who the fuck is Michael Clayton? -and finally decide,despite the nice poster,you'll probably not give a rat's ass after all.

It comes out 18th October,for the half of you still interested in seeing it.Another cool posters that abides the same less is more rule.

Person in ominously expressionless pig mask dressed in a somewhat beautiful but disturbingly-coloured cloak,positioned to be facing something.Humph,nothing we haven't seen before (The Village,anyone?).Typical Saw torture-gadget probably designed for the purpose of inflicting great pain,equipped with all the bells and whistles that might belt out happy circus tunes before abruptly coming to a stop and snapping someone's poor cock off.Yawn. A single dark,sharply-stilettoed boot that's unmistakably feminine and though edgy-looking,slightly on the clown-ish (therefore more theatrical-this calls for blood lust!) side?Ah,now this makes things a whole lot more interesting.Overall,a simple poster that knows,at this point of maturity in the Saw franchise,it need not include any explaining,just put in a few subtle references and lookers will be left wondering-nice one,lame tagline notwithstanding.

Trailer for the Hollywood remake for One Missed Call.I expect this to be the kind of brainless horror full of screaming,helpless ladies (and maybe some men too,so they can throw in a couple of unnecessary sex scenes that usually lack steam and take place in the most awkward moments,ghosts reappearing on cue so the story can get back on track right after the characters have conveniently climaxed,or after the director's inserted some quick boob shots,so few will be momentarily distracted from how lame the movie is) running around trying to solve some silly boy scouts mystery that dubiously concludes with an unlikely twist,and jam-packed with what was that sound moments.Take the trailer for instance-it starts out like this:

Phone rings.Girl says "That's not my ring-tone".

You changed it yesterday,fish brain.

One of those two was made up,go figure.Any horror film with a line as hopelessly pathetic as the above shouldn't be one attracting high expectations.In the trailer,the male protaganist,is played by Edward Burns-who's idol must strangely be Keanu Reeves,both of em' seem to display the emotional range and acting capability that's marginally superior to that of a frog.And I hear frogs are really bad actors.Oh,I'll probably still watch it if I can anyways-nothing beats the comedy you get from this type of lousy horror flicks.

Lastly,I'd like to recommend everyone to listen to this album:The National,Boxer.It's just fantastic.Prior to this album (which I found on many lists of Best 2007 Albums,So Far-I might do my own soon,once I properly listen to the ones I have as to give fair reviews),I hadn't heard about the band.Doesn't matter,it's a really terrific album (thanks Schien for helping me download it).


Rahimy said...

Saw IV!! nice la the poster! :P

atiqah said...

the national,woohoo!!!

i've yet to listen to Boxer, but i've heard their previous album, Alligator, and it's great. must get Boxer soon.

Al said...

oh damn,it's the other way around for me.i think boxer's a massively successful album,but i hear alligator's more hardcore-been trying to download songs off the album but my limewire refuses to work.