Must be The Moon

I don't know what you've been listening to,I just pray to God it isn't any of that House bullshit.Anyhu,here's a band worth listening to-!!! (chk chk chk),their music's certainly not everyone's cup of joe,but if you find that you do like that kind of stuff I recommend listening to Battles & Klaxons too.They're a bit like Bloc Party (who's shooting into mainstream really fast),except BP's a bit more adult and much less eccentric. And download the rest of the tracks from their awesome 'Myth Takes' album.Click on the pic for the vid for 'Must be The Moon'.Other stuff worth Y-tubing: I'm too lazy to post the links up here,so if you're interested go over to Ytube & search for, 1)Feist' recent performance on Letterman (which turns out to be really similar to Bjork's Letterman performance of 'Earth Intruders' couple months back-both have that whole gospel/army of backup singers in potato sacks thing going on), and 2) The National singing 'Fake Empire' on Letterman back in July,and 3)Yeah Yeah Yeah's vid for Maps in which Karen O sheds a tear.And anyone into The Shins can finally hear them sing a song that,I personally thought,was made for them-The Weeds theme song,'Little Boxes'-it's neat how they get someone new to sing a personalised version of it every ep-The Shins' version is awesomely Shins-y (mellow,but not in that gloomy,funereal way),but I urge you to listen to Death Cab & Regina Spektor's cover as well.Link to that here,via Stereogum.It's already Sunday and I've a couple things lined to get all this shitty stress that's been building up out of my system-call it my own relaxation retreat-,to prepare for the even more gruelling,assignment-rich fortnight ahead.A friend says,Denial helps! (lately this been's a tagline for my artificial enthusiasm & excitement for most things,especially my Global Business lecture,how excruciatingly mundane that is I can't possibly describe-urm,I'll try-it's like staring at a TV turned off for an entire hour,it makes you restless and relentlessly itching for something,anything to happen-last week God was nice,there came this tiny ant to my table to entertain me,unfortunately Antone-yes,I named it,and even invented some crappy backstory to how this ant and I came to cross paths-got his adorably tiny head accidentally cut off with a pencil tip while unsuccessfully tried to sketch a Sesame-Street version of my lecturer).Well,that's it from me,I have to get some sleep-I intend to wake up early to go for a morning walk,I probably/most definitely won't,but the intention itself constitutes of something vaguely worth holding on to.

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