First day of second year,I expected rude classmates,sadistic tutors who only speak the Language of Academia,similarly dull and monotonous-voiced lecturers whose idea of a joke involves some dumb pun about statistics.Was I really that pessimistic-already hopelessly bittered at the tender age of 19?To tell you the truth,not really.

Approaching the day more curious than anything else,I thought to myself-here's my playground,where no one knows me.I could play devious characters,use fake accents and divulge during first-tute ice-breaking sessions blasphemous little stories about having gone Purple for the freedom of my homeland Soup Kitchen.I could be totally uncaring and float through the day with the kind of home-bound nonchalance a stray cat might have-and I'd still be invincible.Which is kind of sad,when you think about it.

Anyways,the day was just fine-no real highs or lows,except maybe my Lonesome Lunchbreak,lasting a good 30 minutes during which I spent listening to Erykah Badu's Mama's Gun album (one of the best mood/atmosphere albums around)-face facing the cloudless sky,limbs sprawled across the grass in the twisted manner of an unfound corpse-extremely hungry,emotionally numb and suffering a mild airyfairy-ness as a result from the lack of sleep and scorching summer heat.But somehow,at peace.

Songs for the week.

Guillemots-Get Over it
Gnarles Barkley-Run
Goldfrapp-Little Bird
Cat Power-Speak for Me
Atlas Sound-River Card

Link to Wilco's recent live perf on SNL.

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