LOST season finale tonight!Will it be a flash-forward or flash-back,what will happen to the others beyond the Oceanic 6 (I hope they don't kill of Juliette,there's something so alarming about that woman) and I hope it's either a Ben or Desmond oriented ep although we've had both of those this season so it might be someone else,maybe Rosseau who died without getting her story told although that would be a bit anti-climactic since it definitely won't be a flash-forward.So many questions,but this season has been satisfying so far-if in previous seasons a mysterious sentence always ended up with a pregnant pause followed by an immediate blackout,now characters talk openly about the issues they've been conspicuously evading before-even the smoke monster,Jacob and Ben's true self has been discussed at one point.Last ep ended with Ben surrendering himself upon encountering enemies at the "Orchid" station,to which they headed to after Locke met Jacob who apparently told him that the solution to everything was to "MOVE THE ISLAND".I cannot even begin to tell you how mind-boggling that is.

And yes,I know very few,or probably none of you out there-not anyone I personally know-actually follows the show,but this season has truly made me an obsessed Lost freak,I've bookmarked the forums where viewers excitedly discuss theories and conspiracies right after a fresh ep-they've provided a lot of answers this season,and two moments tie in as my favourite-first was Desmond's heart-breaking "disorder" during which after a series of slight convoluted time-mixing events,is reunited with the voice of Penny.And second was when Ben and his troop were attacked by the freighters,one of whom brought in front Ben's daughter and threatened to kill her if he didn't come out-he didn't,and the daughter was shot-Ben responded by simply staring coldly out the window,completely motionless for a few seconds before saying "He's changed the rules".Rules?And the Ben-Locke dynamic is very,very interesting-one thing that bugs me is that the physicist is still wearing a tie,something I find very questionable since he's been on the island for at least a week and oh,a fucked-up Hurley is not very well-acted.

I can't wait to see what's in store for tonight-so excited I want to bite off my finger!,the season finales are usually very pleasing-1st season they had a hopeless,desperate Locke-left by his unbelieving mates,lying on top the hatch door like a corpse.And suddenly from below,a light turns on.And the unsuspected flash-forward of season 3 was huge-Jack screaming at the end,"We have to go back!".To the island,that is.I'm sure they'll think of something similarly groundbreaking,something that will be remembered for a long time and keep us impatient during the couple months before next season.

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