Father's Day

Fathers Day is an emotional event for most people (the dark FD submissions on PostSecret will testify to that).As a young teenager,years ago I was prone to lay every blame on my parents-but now that I'm a bit older,I see that people-even you and especially me-are imperfect in some way,but every individual has at least one strong redeeming feature that's worth more than all the mistakes one might commit,to one's self or others.And I know that people say and do a lot of mean things,but if you know them well enough-if you grew up with them,or if they're family-you understand them sometimes better than they understand themselves,you know they mean no harm when they cause hurt and that love is something that pervades everything they do whether they like it or not,whether they see it or not-the essence of it lies not in what they do or say,but its become a part of them and to have known this all your life in someone,is something to be eternally grateful for.


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