Strange Things

Today I didn't even try to hide
I'll stay here and never push things to the side
You can't reach me cause I'm way beyond you today

Today was a pretty day
Autumn comes with
These slight surprises where your life might twist and turn
Hope to unlearn
Strange things will happen
If you let them come around and stick around

Radio Dept.-Strange things will happen



Miss Aida said...

I saw you walk down the street on Monday.

You were wearing red.

I yelled out your name and said hi but you walked straight ahead.

I definitely couldn't reach you because you were way beyond me yesterday.

Al said...

Awh shit sorry,I get that all the time-with my earphones on,I think I hear voices calling my name and most times on the street my mind's busy thinking of all kinds of bullshit.

sorry aida,next time just throw something in my direction or or yell "Fire,fire!" and I'll be sure to respond...STAT.