Iron Scissors

Saw Iron Man on the plane,didn't do much.Gwyneth Paltrow was hilariously awkward and seemed like a complete fucking tool."My card doesn't work.Oh,does your card open this door" or something.At the end while Tony's battling his nemesis,Gwyneth stands alone in an empty parking lot shouting to the phone."Oh my god Tony,are you okay?".There's something lethargic about Robert Downey Jr,it might be the way he unsuccessfully tries to channel a Clooney but like his character in Zodiac (oh my god,was that a pain in the ass)-comes across as a man with empty charm and a shot for wittiness that feels infinitely unnatural.

I'm amazed at the number of complaints for Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dark Knight.Was she really that ugly?I didn't think so,but sure her hair and face was made to look unflattering-the way they accentuate her weak cheeks and droopy eyes made her resemble a sad cartoon turtle.I think one more reason Dark Knight failed to please me was because it had none of the myth and terror of the two baddies in Batman Begins.Liam Neeson,even though essentially an old-school teacher in robes with nothing more than a rusty sword perhaps-was miles more interesting than either the Joker or Two-Face,and I found the casting choice of Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow a damn brilliant one.I always thought his eyes-confronting,and yes it was a man who donned a sack on his face and sprayed fumes as a tactic but,it they really took advantage of the actor's inherent...darkness.

Read Augusten Burroughs Running With Scissors.Very interesting,though the ending felt abrupt-like all these things were happening at once,and suddenly he called it quits and began to head for the sun with some lesson in hand as if that made for an ending.It feels unfinished.But like Dry (his second memoir about alcohol addiction-which I read couple months back) its a book I found very hard to put down,and could finish in 2/3 days.In Dry he was a bit more self-absorbed (me this,me that) and the humor not as hard-hitting,plus after halfway I honestly thought I wouldn't give a damn if all the characters got on a bus and rolled off a cliff,I just wanted it to be over.But when a key character dies near the end,and the way Augusten himself was affected-I was surprised to find myself remorseful,I admit it took me sometime to recover.

John Mayer's cover of Free Fallin' + unbelievable cover of Why Georgia (that guitar is killing me).

I wanna glide down over mulholland
I wanna write her name in the sky
Wanna free fall out into nothin
Gonna leave this world for a while



soraya barakbah said...

i thought cillian murphy was brilliant too and his brief cameo was a nice surprise. i dont think the prob with maggie G was her looks. her acting was just really bad, to me at least

Al said...

yep,i find her attractive in an odd way.her acting was quite stiff yeah,but i think i was just relieved katie holmes was out of the picture.