Mamma Mia!-Dead Party

This won't be a proper review,because this shit doesn't deserve one.

For one,I fell asleep about 40 minutes into the movie-never a good sign.There were times my attention strayed,only to be brought back by a nice number by Meryl Streep.But it came to a point where the story itself took leave and was replaced by a medley of songs that were not only irrelevant but also sung badly.A lot of times the vocals felt detached from the background music-as if the two were recorded separately then strung in the studio by an angry,underpaid amateur.And the casting director must've been tone deaf and/or brain dead because Pierce Brosnan is an awful singer and if this doesn't kill his career,I will.As for the rest of the cast-Amanda "I can put a fist in my mouth" Seyfried has a decent voice and so does Colin Firth but the songs feel half-baked and under-produced,and appear at the most inopportune moments only to die out abruptly.At the side-like a pimple you'd love to ignore but can't stop scratching (because damn thing hurts like a bitch)- there's Sky (Sophie's omnipresent fiance) played by a sleepwalking Dominic Cooper,an actor whose airy presence and distorted face I will forever equate with a fatal sense of boredom.

There were times when the off-pitch Pierce Brosnan would start singing,and the camera would go into close up-and this bizarre thing would happen,where his face starts quivering like a fucking seizure.And Sophie is such a whiny and immature character,you wonder why she's planning a wedding when really she should think about re-enrolling herself in preschool.Amanda Seyfried remains one of Big Love's highlights-in the HBO family drama she admirably holds a very compelling character without much force-but here she's too earnest and naive and aggressively so,and I can easily think of 10 other young actors who could've done a better job.

This is a grand waste because it takes a serious lack of talent to strip the joy off any ABBA song,and if this film was even half-decent Meryl Streep would've no doubt be the talk of town this season.Mamma Mia! is a film I already have trouble remembering,feel reluctant to hate and instead feel sympathy for-because it isn't just dumb,but pointlessly dumb.


P.S. I really like the poster above,its so hopeful and summery.Consider me fooled.


Siew Chien said...

You know what? Her neck is obviously photoshopped!!!!!! She must be evolved from the dinosaurs back in the ice ages....

Al said...

now that you point it out,it DOES look DINOSUSPICIOUS!

congrats chikabom,if there were a Phototshop Police Squad you'd be chief by now.