Kim Kardashian on Dancing with the "stars"


0:54 Kim answers door shouting "I knew it was you!".
1:18 Kim goes "Why am I so unbalanced?"
1:48 Kim spins and knocks herself against a table.
2:07 Three of the Kardashian clan,including Silent Bruce is applauding for Kim.
3:49 A man actually name Bruno describes Kim as having "a dusky beauty'' and likens her to Princess Jasmine from Aladdin,Kim turns to her partner with a Katie Holmes "get me outta here!" face.
4:00 Bruno says Kim should "make her beauty more available".
4:20 Judge 3 says "You're not used to moving your head,so your head has a tendency to stay very still",camera points to Kim who looks hungry and is nodding and nodding.
5:48 Kim speaks more than 4 words,everyone in room pretends to pay attention.
5:51 Dude wearing a flamingo pink suit-"I'm having a great time..we've become really good friends...".
6:08 British prude judge absolutely refuses to shut up.

Kim Kardashian=comedy butt-pad wearing goddess.


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